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Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

The MPCB is authorised to give consent or renewal of consent to industries under the Water Act of 1974, Air Act of 1981 and the Hazardous Waste Management and Handling Rules of 1989. It has directed the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation to allot plots for distilleries, fertiliser plants, oil refining units or abattoirs only after consulting with the MPCB.

The board has decided to grant consent to new units in Malad only after the completion of effluent carrying pipelines by the companies. Furthermore, to protect drinking water sources, several types of industries are not to be permitted. The MPCB is also concerned about tanneries and other small scale industries in the Ambernath Dombivili area. They fear that effluents will create pollution problems at the Bhatsa river backwaters.

The board plans to deploy 7 air monitoring vans. Furthermore, there are plans to set up ambient air quality monitoring in industrial areas jointly with the MIDC.

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