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The Maharashtra Government's AIDS Control Program (1996)

See the page on HIV/AIDS in Mumbai.

A program has been drawn up by members of the state's Health Department, the AIDS Research and Control Centre (a collaborative project of the state government and the University of Texas), UNICEF, and Seva Dham (a Pune-based NGO). The state government has received Rs. 21 crores (210 million) out of a World Bank loan for HIV/AIDS control in India. Out of this, Rs. 9 crores (90 million) have been approved for NGOs participating in AIDS related work.

This plan places special emphasis on the use of primary health care units in the states to control sexually transmitted diseases (STD). The motivation for this approach is published evidence that HIV transmission can be halved by prompt management of STD. A campaign of information and education is also planned, along with investments in personnel. Among the infrastructural facilities which are to be improved are systems for recording and sharing of data and research.

Independent critics have pointed out that the document does not draw upon the experience of past failures. Nor have AIDS affected people or other NGOs been consulted for the preparation of this plan. Micro-planning has not been included in the scope of the program; nor has much attention been paid to control of opportunistic infections like Tuberculosis.

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