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Future Plans for Water Supply

In 1995 only 65% of Bombay's demand for water was met. A MMRDA report estimates that the demand in the Bombay Metropolitan Region (BMR) is 3,026 million litres per day (MLD) and the supply is 2,474 MLD. By the year 2011 the demand is expected to rise to 7,950 MLD. If new sources can be mobilised, then the supply can be 8,039 MLD, and hence exceed the demand. The MMRDA has identified projects which need to be completed in order to do this.

There are two principal obstacles in realising these plans. The first is technical. Since the 1994 Latur earthquake, much of the region covered in these projects have been zoned as seismically disturbed. Data is urgently required to examine the safety of many of the proposed dams. The second is a question of funding. The World Bank has suggested that different agencies handle the development of the source and distribution of water, in contrast to the present situation where the BMC does both.

Schedule of Water Supply Projects in the Bombay Metropolitan Region

Source: The Economic Times, April 22, 1996, quoting a MMRDA report
Project Capacity Schedule Cost
  (in MLD)   (Crore Rs.)
Bhatsa 300 -1996 250.00
Middle Vaitarna 477 1991-2001 377.00
Surya 100 1991-2001 245.25
Ulhas 90 1991-2001 48.03
Barvi augmentation 540 1991-2001 26.45
Shahad 620 1991-2001 182.80
Poshir 296 1991-2001 94.00
Morbe 350 1991-2001 112.40
Hetwane 150 1991-2001 91.00
Kalu 590 2001-2011 328.00
Gargai 452 2001-2011 371.00
Surya 100 2001-2011 73.20
Balganga 350 2001-2011 102.87
Amba Valley 117 2001-2011 34.39

Bombay Water Supply Project III A (Bhatsa)

Funded by a World Bank loan, this project is meant to augment the supply from the Bhatsa by 100 MGD and take its capacity to 300 MGD. The project was supposed to be completed by June 1996, but is already delayed by 18 months.

Middle Vaitarna

Delay in the completion of the Bhatsa project has already delayed the start of this scheme, because the BMC does not have the funds required for it. A dam is required to be constructed. It is waiting clearance from the state government's Dam Safety Commission, since the area has been declared a seismic disturbance zone following the 1994 Latur earthquake. An environmental clearance is also required after this.


The Poshir Dam Project will serve the water needs of the Thane-Kalyan region. The MMRDA has committed Rs. 94 crores (940 million) to this plan.

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