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The Times of India, November 6, 1891

The Tansa Dam: To The Editor of The Times of India

Sir,- Some time ago several articles were published in the English newspapers, describing me as the engineer or designer of the Tansa Dam as well as the contractor for the construction of that work. I was in Italy when these articles appeared, but as soon as I saw the statement in question, I telegraphed home to have it contradicted and the correction was duly made in subsequent issues of the papers.

I regret now to learn that the original misstatement has been reproduced in India, and has given rise to suggestions that I am in some way responsible for it. The mistake was due to pure ignorance on the part of the English newspaper writers, and I am only sorry I did not see the articles before they were put in print. It never occurred to me that anyone in India could be misled by so absurd an error, as everybody out there who has heard of the Tansa Dam knows that Mr. W. C. Clerke is the engineer.

Will you oblige me by giving publicity to this letter, as nothing could be further from my thoughts than to desire to take away from Mr. Clerke the honour that justly belongs to him? My own work in India is on record and speaks for itself and I have neither the wish nor the need to claim the credit for work done by others.

Thomas G. Glover (Mount Grange, Edinburgh, October 20) [1891].

Quoted in Times of India, August 1, 1995.