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The Times of India, September 7, 1881

The Island of Gorai: To The Editor of The Times of India

Sir,- The interest which you take in the welfare of India encourages me to draw your attention in favour of this important island, which forms part of Salsette, and extends from Manorim to Dongorim.

Its population is about 8,000 and among its natural and industrial productions, coconut, toddy and date trees take a leading place, yielding the government about Rs. 22,000 annually; fish, onions, etc., are also largely exported; chunam is plentiful both at Gorai and Manorim and yields the government a very good sum, while the land tax amounts to Rs. 12,800, besides local fund taxes.

But, notwithstanding all these heavy contributions, there is not a single medical man in the island, nor a road to connect the four villages in this island with the railway station at Borivli [Borivili]. A road from Borivli [Borivili] to Gorai would give great impulse to or trade [sic] and its construction is very easy and as there is a public road from Borivli [Borivili] to Bombay independent of railway communication, one can easily calculate the advantages likely to arise to this island and its inhabitants by the construction of roads.

A Resident (Gorai, September 4) [1881].

Quoted in Times of India, July 21, 1995. Name of the resident not quoted.