Information for Outstation Participants


All outstation participants, unless otherwise specified, are staying at the Jawahar Guest House and should report at the reception of `Jawahar' upon arrival in Bangalore. Instructions for reaching there are enclosed below under `Arrival information'.


Breakfast and dinner will be served at Jawahar in the lounge near the reception, and lunch at the venue of the meeting. The first meal will be dinner on January 2 at Jawahar from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm, followed by breakfast on January 3 from 8 am to 9 am. (Breakfast and lunch on January 2 can also be arranged at Jawahar, if enough people let us know by email that they need it. Please enquire at Jawahar reception upon arrival whether those meals are being served. If not, you can pay and eat at the D-Mess of IISc located next to Jawahar (a-la-carte and thali are both available). Ask for and keep the receipt for reimbursement.)


The lectures will be in the JNC Lecture Hall located in the IISc main campus. This is a 5-10 minute walk from Jawahar; instructions for getting there can be obtained from Jawahar reception. Alternatively, see the campus map. The JNC lecture hall is located between the Hospital and Department of Aerospace Engineering which are marked on the map. Registration is from 8.30-9.15 am on January 3 at the JNC Lecture Hall. The meeting will begin at 9.15 am on January 3.


Arrangements are being made for outstation participants to be able to access their own accounts via telnet from machines located in the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre (SERC) in IISc. You will need your conference badge to access SERC.


For all participants, food and lodging is arranged by the conference (except those who have indicated that they do not need accomodation). Your local transport expenses from the railway station or airport will be reimbursed by the conference (if you take a taxi, a receipt will be needed for reimbursement; if you take an auto, a receipt will not be needed).


Jawahar is located in the Indian Institute of Science Gymkhana Campus, whose entrance is on CV Raman Avenue between CNR Rao Circle and Yeshwanthpur Circle. For historical reasons, IISc is popularly known in Bangalore as Tata Institute. CNR Rao Circle is popularly known as Tata Circle; this is where the main entrance of the IISc main Campus is located. Please consult the IISc Campus Map showing both the main campus and Gymkhana campus. Whether you are coming from the train station or the airport, you will first reach CNR Rao Circle. The entrance to the Gymkhana campus is a few hundred metres down, on your left, as you move from here towards the Yeshwanthpur Circle along CV Raman Avenue. A footbridge over CV Raman Avenue is a landmark under which the entrance to the Gymkhana campus is located. After entering the Gymkhana campus, take an immediate right and then a left after a couple hundred metres; Jawahar is then on your right. You can also seek the help of the security guard at the main entrance to IISc main campus at CNR Rao Circle.

Arrival by train:

Get off at the Bangalore City Railway Station, the main railway station in Bangalore, where most trains terminate. Exit the station from platform No. 1 side and take an auto from the auto queue about 50-100 meters from the building. You have to say you are going to Tata Institute or Tata Circle. Pay by the meter, plus a few extra rupees for luggage. IISc is about 5 km from the Bangalore City Railway Station. Striking a deal with auto drivers who accost you as you exit the platform is not advised; you will be overcharged. If you get an auto from the head of the auto queue where a policeman will usher you into the auto, overcharging is less likely.

Arrival by plane:

You can engage a prepaid taxi from a desk located inside the arrival lounge at Bangalore airport. You have to say that you are going to Indian Institute of Science, or Tata Institute. The prepaid taxi cost will be about Rs. 250. Please preserve the receipt which will be needed for reimbursement. Alternatively you can take an auto from the auto queue located about 50 metres from the gate of the arrival lounge (avoid auto drivers who will approach you as you exit the building; go to the head of the auto queue). Pay the auto by the meter, plus a few extra rupees for luggage. IISc is about 17 km from the airport.