January 2-5, 1999

Invited participants are requested to fill and return this form to: or fax to (91)(22) 215 2110
as soon as possible, definitely before November 15, 1998.

There is no registration fee. Meals and refreshments will be provided during the symposium.

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Affiliation: __________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________



Phone: ______________________________________________________________________

Fax: ________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________

Accompanied by: _____________________________________________________________

Arrival date and time (if known): _________________________________________________

          Flight/Train nos. (if known): _________________________________________________

Departure date and time (if known): _______________________________________________

                Flight/Train nos. (if known): _______________________________________________



We shall provide free but modest accommodation to invited participants, during January 1-5, 1999. All available rooms are double occupancy. We have reserved some rooms in our Guest House on campus and some (of comparable quality) at the YWCA International Guest House. The YWCA is near the campus and within walking distance from some of the tourist spots in Mumbai.


If you prefer to stay in a nearby hotel, our budgetary constraints will not allow us to bear the cost. However, if you so desire, we would be happy to help you make a reservation. Minimum approximate daily rents inclusive of taxes are:

                Economy : Rs. 2990 (for up to 2 persons)
                Standard  : Rs. 3640 (for up to 2 persons) (US$ 1 = Rs. 42 approximately)
                Luxury      : Rs. 5040 (for up to 2 persons)

In view of the fact that all available Guest House accommodation is double-seated, we request you to fill in your preferences below using the following notation:

1a)  Guest House double-seated
2a)  Hotel single-seated
2b)  Hotel double-seated

                First Preference: __________________

                Second Preference: ________________

                Third Preference: __________________

Name of preferred room-mate (if applicable) : _________________________________