How to get to Khajuraho

By Air

This is the simplest possibility for participants arriving from international destinations. The nearest international airport is at Delhi. Domestic airlines in India operate flights from Delhi to Khajuraho. We provide links to these below:

You can get the schedule of flights by selecting 'Delhi' as your starting point and 'Khajuraho' as the destination and choosing a date. On-line booking is also possible. As always, we have given the above links in good faith and cannot accept responsiblity for any problems you may encounter.

Khajuraho airport is about 6 kms. from the town and about 3 kms. from the Workshop Hotel, Hotel Taj Chandela. Transport arrangements for participants arriving by air and staying at this hotel during the Workshop will be made by the hotel staff. Participants planning to stay at other hotels in Khajuraho should ask their respective hotels to make arrangements to have them picked up from the airport (major hotels usually offer this as a courtsey service). Alternatively, you can hire a taxi from the airport to your hotel.

By Train

The nearest major rail heads are Jhansi (172 kms) and Satna (117 kms). Jhansi is a major junction, well connected to major cities of India by train. It is also connected to Khajuraho by a better road than from Satna (although even the road from Jhansi can be quite rough at places). For this reason the organizers recommend that participants planning to come by train should choose Jhansi as their last train stop.

From Jhansi/Satna to Khajuraho

The most convenient as well as the most economical way of travelling from Jhansi/Satna to Khajuraho is by a tourist taxi, unless a group of about 30 or more persons is travelling together, in which case a coach might be more economical. The tourist taxis ply regularly on these routes.

For participants staying at the Workshop Hotel, the Hotel will make taxis available on demand by the participants.

You should write your requirements (date, time and place of arrival and a list of names of participants arriving - please note that this facility is open only to those participants who are staying at the Workshop Hotel and have already reserved accommodation in this Hotel at the time of requesting the transport) directly to the Hotel at the e-mail address with a copy to The Hotel will arrange taxis (Ambassador car is the default option), unless you ask for another vehicle. The following rates will be charged:

From Jhansi

  • A/C Ambassador Car (One Way) - Rs. 2600
  • Non A/C Ambassador Car (One Way) - Rs. 2000
  • From Satna

  • A/C Ambassador Car (One Way) - Rs. 2000
  • Non A/C Ambassador Car (One Way) - Rs. 1600
  • The Hotel will try to minimize the waiting period and the per head expense by arranging to bring participants in groups. To identify the taxis arranged by the Hotel for you, look for placards with the Workshop name on it. Participants availing of this facility will have to clear their share of the expenses directly with the Hotel before checking-out.