IX International Conference on Particles, Strings and Cosmology
January 3-8, 2003 (TIFR, Mumbai)


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Plenary Sessions
Experimental and Phenomenological Status of Neutrino Anomalies S.Pakvasa Download(trsp)
Solar Neutrino Oscillation Phenomenology S.Goswami Download(ps)
Models of Neutrino Mass and Mixing R.N.Mohapatra Download(trsp)
Leptonic Flavour and CP violation Y. Grossman Download(pdf)
Observational Status and Interpretation of GRB T. Piran Download
TITLE E. Waxman Download
Black Hole, Quantum Mechanics and Determinism G. 'tHooft Download(trsp)
Tachyon Condensation in String Theory A. Sen Download(trsp)


Plenary Sessions
Precision Test of the Standard Model, the Higgs and New Physics G.Altarelli Download(ppt)
Standard Model and SUSY Higgs J.Gunion Download(pdf)
Higgs Physics at Future Colliders A.Djouadi Download (ps)
Higgs Search at LHC S.Dasu Download
Leptogenesis  E.A.Paschos Download(trsp)
Baryogenesis and the New Cosmology M.Trodden Download
Parallel Sessions
Experimental Results on Higgs and SUSY
Search for Neutral Higgs Boson at LEP P.Igo-Kemmes Download (ps/pdf/trsp)
Searches for Higgs beyond SM and MSSM at LEP P.Gagnon Download (ppt)
Prospects for Higgs Searches at D0 S.Synder Download (ps)
SUSY Searches at LEP E.Duchovni Download(ppt)
SUSY at D0: Results and Future Prospects at Run II  A.Besson Download(ppt)
Searches for Physics Beyond the SM in ffbar Production J.Holt Download(ps)
Search for ttbar Resonances in D0 S.Jain Download(ps)

Phenomenological Studies of Neutrino and Higgs
Inconsistencies in Interpreting the Atmospheric 
Neutrino Anomaly
J.LoSecco Download(trsp)
Bilarge Neutrino Mixings by Radiative Magnification M.K.Parida Download(trsp)
Radiative Stability of Neutrino-Mass Textures G.Rajasekharan
Probing the Origin of Seesaw Mechanism through Lepton Flavour Violation K.S.Babu Download(trsp)
Implications on Neutrino Oscillation plus Decay from Recent Solar Neutrino Data  D.Indumathi
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with Negligible Neutrino Mass B.Bramahchari Download(trsp)
T Invariance of Higgs Interactions in the Standard Model P.Mitra Download(ps/pdf)
Heavy Higgs Bosons at a Linear Collider D.Choudhuri

String Session I
p-p' Branes in PP-wave Background K.L.Panigrahi Download(trsp)
D-Brane Solutions in PP-wave Background R.R. Nayak Download(trsp)
Logarithmic Correction to Blackhole Entropy and ADS/CFT Correspondence S.S. Pal Download(trsp)
Black Holes in Brane Worlds G.Sengupta Download(trsp)
Black Holes and Calogero Models  K.S.Gupta Download(trsp)

Cosmology Session I
Scalar Field Dynamics on a Brane  A.Toporensky
Brane Dynamics in the Randall-Sundrum Model, Inflation and Graceful Exit  D.Choudhury
Probing Cold Dark Matter Substructure with Gravitational Lensing  N.Dalal
A Five Dimensional Model of Varying Fine Structure Constant  J.P.Mbelek
Domination of Black Hole Accretion in Brane Cosmology  A.S.Majumdar Download(ps)
A Concordant Linearly Coasting Cosmology  A.Mukherjee


Plenary Sessions
SUSY and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking S.Pokorski Download(trsp)
SUSY Searches at Future Colliders X.Tata Download(trsp)
Grand Unification: Current Status and a Perspective J.C.Pati Download(trsp)
Phenomenology of Minimal SO(10) SUSY Model S.Raby Download(trsp)
Dark Matter Theory L.Roszkowski Download(trsp)
SUSY Dark Matter - A Collider Physicist's Perspective  M. Nojiri Download(ps)
Parallel Sessions
Heavy Flavour Experiments
Radiative Width Measurements of Excited Kaons (kTeV) S.Somalwar
NA48 Results on Neutral Kaon Rare Decays N.Cartiglia Download(ppt)
Rare Kaon Decay (E787/E949) B.Bhuyan Download(trsp)
Measurement of Direct CP Violation in K Decays W.Wislicki Download(pdf)
Studies of Radiative Penguin B Decays (BaBar)  J.LoSecco Download(trsp)
Direct CP violation searches with BaBar F.Palombo Download(pdf)
B Decays for the Determination of Gamma S.Bailey Download(pdf,ppt)
V_ub Measurement with the Belle Detector G.Majumder
New Measurement of the Top Quark Mass at D0 G.Gutierrez

Supersymmetry Phenomenology
Supersymmetric Fits to Tevatron Lepton(s)/Gamma(s)/Missing E_T Events B.C.Allanach
Higgs Production in the 1 TeV Domain as a Probe of SUSY Models C.Verzegnassi Download(trsp)
Study of Third Generation Squarks at LHC M.M.Nojiri Download(ps)
Constraints on Sparticle Spectrum in Different Supersymmetry Breaking Models P.N.Pandita Download(trsp)
Supersymmetric Dark Matter with Non-Universal Gaugino Masses and Yukawa Unifications  U.Chattopadhyay Download(pdf)
Required Experimental Accuracy to Select between Supersymmetrical Models D.Grellscheid Download(trsp)
Are Light Sneutrinos Buried in LEP Data? A.Dutta Download(trsp)
Novel Aspects of a Completely Quantum Mechanical Analysis of the Muon (g-2) Experiment? Y.Srivastava Download(trsp)

String Session II
Giant Gravitons in String Theory from Observables in Super-Yang Mills and Chern Simons S.Ramgoolam Download(trsp)
N=1 Super QCD and Fractional Branes F.Pezzella Download(trsp)
The Gravity Dual of the Non-perturbative N=2 SUSY Yang-Mills Theory S.Naik Download(trsp)
Orientifolds of Type IIA Strings on Calabi-Yau Manifolds S. Govindarajan Download(ps)
String Propagation in Plane Waves with Weak Null Singularities  J.David Download(trsp)
Membranes and Yang-Mills Theory  M.Cederwall Download(trsp)

Cosmology Session II
Cosmological Aspects of a Rolling Tachyon  M.Tytgat
Baryogenesis via Density Fluctuations with a Second Order Electroweak Phase Transition B.Layek Download(trsp)
Aspects of Tachyonic Inflation with Exponential Potential M.Sami
Leptogenesis with Left-Right Domain Walls U.A.Yajnik Download(trsp)
Cosmology with Tachyon Field as Dark Energy H.K.Jassal
Mass Radius Characteristics and Radial Oscillations of Hybrid Stars A.Goyal
Mimicking TransPlanckian Effects in the CMB with Conventional Physics  J.Cline
Normal Parameters for Super Radical Compression of CMB Data M.Kaplinghat


Plenary Sessions
Astrophysics of UHE Cosmic Rays E. Waxman Download(ppt)
UHE Cosmic Rays - Particle Physics Models M.Drees Download(trsp)
Supersymmetry Breaking with Extra Dimensions F.Zwirner Download(trsp)
New Compactifications of Super-String Theory S.Trivedi Download(Audio)
Parallel Sessions
QCD/QGP/New Physics
Searches for Extra Dimension on ATLAS A.Gupta Download(ppt) 
Quarkonia: A Status Report K.K.Seth Download(trsp)
Latest Results on Anomalous J/psi Suppression (NA50) S.Ramos Download(pdf)
Fluctuations as a Probe of QCD Phase Transition T.Nayak Download(ppt)
Neutrino Oscillations and MiniBooNE P.Kasper Download(trsp)
Search for Quantum Gravity Effects in AGN Flares M.Tripathi

QCD and B physics
Two Loop QCD Corrections to Higgs Production at LHC  V.Ravindran
Soft Parton Radiation for Interjet Energy Flows M.Dasgupta Download(trsp)
QCD Corrections to Resonant Slepton Production in Hadron Colliders S.Majhi Download(ps)
Possibility of Extracting the Weak Phase Gamma from Lambda_b -T> Lambda D^0 Decays R.Mohanta Download(trsp)
An Asymptotic Freedom Inspired Extension of the Standard Model N.D.Hari Dass Download(ps)
Pseudoscalar-Photon Mixing and the Large Scale Alignment of Quasar Optical Polarisation P.Jain Download(ps)

Particle/String/Cosmology Interface
Cancellation of Global Anomalies in Spontaneously Broken Gauge Theories M.Fabbrichesi Download(pdf)
Spacetime Torsion in a Randall-Sundrum Scenario S.Sengupta
Gauge Coupling Renormalisation in AdS_5 I-W.Kim
Non-abelian Orbifold Symmetry Breaking of E_6 K.Whang
Realistic Construction of Split Fermion Models G.Perez Download(pdf)
Constraints on Self-interacting Q-ball Dark Matter A.Jokinen

Cosmology Session III
Neutrino-Antineutrino Asymmetry around Rotating Black Hole B.Mukhopadhyay Download(trsp)
Brane-Production and Neutrino-Nucleon Cross Section
at Ultra High Energies in Low Scale Gravity Models
S.Panda Download(trsp)
Statistical Isotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background T.Souradeep Download(ppt)
Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays and TeV Gamma Rays from Gamma Ray Bursts P.Bhattacharjee Download(trsp)
Late Time Gauge-Phase Transition as Dark Energy A.de-la-Macorra Download(trsp)
Public Lecture
The Universe inside the Atom G.'tHooft


Plenary Sessions
CP Violation in B-Physics M.Gronau Download(pdf)
Recent Results from Belle H.Yamamoto Download(pdf)
Recent Results from BaBar G.Vasileiadis Download(ppt)
Lattice Matrix Elements and CP Violation in B and K Physics A.Soni Download(trsp)
Overview of Future Neutrino Experiments M.Goodman Download(trsp/ppt)
Physics of TeV scale strings I. Antoniadis Download(trsp)
Phenomenological Overview of Cosmology: from CMB to Galaxy Formation J.Silk Download(trsp)
Theoretical Overview of Cosmology A.A.Starobinsky Download(trsp)
Transplanckian collisions with TeV scale gravity R. Rattazzi Download(trsp)


Plenary Sessions
Results from RHIC T. Ullrich Download(ppt)
Phases of QCD matter K. Rajagopal Download(trsp)
Unification and Neutrinos from Extra Dimensions E.Dudas Download(trsp)
Models of SUSY Breaking M.Luty Download(trsp)
Inflation S.King Download(ppt)

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