List of Preprints - 2017
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Preprints - 2017

Preprint Number
Title of Paper
Name/s of Authors
TIFR/TH/17-01 Entangled de Sitter from Stringy Axionic Bell pair I: An analysis using Bunch Davies vacuum Sayantan Choudhury, Sudhakar Panda
TIFR/TH/17-02 Primordial magnetogenesis from soft Higgsotic attractors Sayantan Choudhury
TIFR/TH/17-03 Gauge invariant N = 1 SUSY flat direction inflaton in a new avatar Sayantan Choudhury
TIFR/TH/17-04 Natural emergence of bilinear R-parity violation from R-symmetry Joydeep Chakrabortty, Sabyasachi Chakraborty.
TIFR/TH/17-05 Landau damping of gluons in two-flavor crystalline color superconducting quark matter Rishi Sharma
TIFR/TH/17-06 Neutrino mixing and RK anomaly in U(1)X models: a bottom-up approach Disha Bhatia, Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Amol Dighe
TIFR/TH/17-07 Mixed Higgs-Radion States at the LHC -- a Detailed Study Amit Chakraborty, Ushoshi Maitra, Sreerup Raychaudhuri and Tousik Samui
TIFR/TH/17-08 Supernova neutrinos : fast flavor conversions near the core Manibrata Sen
TIFR/TH/17-09 Excess entropy and energy feedback from within cluster cores up to r Asif Iqbal, Subhabrata Majumdar, Biman B. Nath, Stefano Ettori, Dominique Eckert, Manzoor A. Malik
TIFR/TH/17-10 Addressing RK and neutrino mixing in a class of U(1)X models Disha Bhatia, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Amol Dighe
TIFR/TH/17-11 Hints on neutrino mixings from flavour data Disha Bhatia
TIFR/TH/17-12 Quantum numbers of recently discovered Ωc baryons from lattice QCD M. Padmanath and Nilmani Mathur
TIFR/TH/17-13 A closer look at RD and RD* Debjyoti Bardhan
TIFR/TH/17-14 FCNC Decays of the Top Quark Debjyoti Bardhan
TIFR/TH/17-15 The large D black hole dynamics in AdS/dS backgrounds Sayantani Bhattacharyya, Parthajit Biswas, Bidisha Chakrabarty, Yogesh Dandekar, Anirban Dinda
TIFR/TH/17-16 Constraining compressed versions of MUED and MSSM using soft tracks at the LHC Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Saurabh Niyogi and K. Sridhar
TIFR/TH/17-17 Discovery potentials of the light Higgs scenario at the LHC Disha Bhatia, Ushoshi Maitra, Saurabh Niyogi
TIFR/TH/17-18 New effects of non-standard self-interactions of neutrinos in a supernova Anirban Das, Amol Dighe and Manibrata Sen
TIFR/TH/17-19 Dissecting Multi Photon Resonances at the Large Hadron Collider B.C. Allanach, Disha Bhatia, Abhishek M. Iyer
TIFR/TH/17-20 Unification constraints on warped flavour models and τ → μ γ Emilian Dudas, Abhishek M. Iyer, Sudhir K. Vempati
TIFR/TH/17-21 Iso-vector axial form factors of the nucleon in two-flavour lattice QCD S.Capitani, M.Della Morte, D.Djukanovic, G.M.von Hippel, J.Hua, B. Jager, P.M.Junnarkar, H.B.Meyer, T.D.Rae, and H.Wittig
TIFR/TH/17-22 Physics Potential of the ICAL detector at the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) Amol Dighe, et. al.
TIFR/TH/17-23 Inflation to Structures: EFT all the way Abhishek Naskar, Sayantan Choudhury, Argha Banerjee and Supratik Pal
TIFR/TH/17-24 Spectral Form Factor in Non-Gaussian Random Matrix Theories Ritam Sinha and Adwait Gaikwad
TIFR/TH/17-25 Fast flavor conversions of supernova neutrinos: Classifying instabilities via dispersion relations Francesco Capozzi, Basudeb Dasgupta, Eligio Lisi, Antonio Marrone, Alessandro Mirizzi
TIFR/TH/17-26 A Note on S-Matrix Bootstrap for Amplitudes with Linear Spectrum Pranjal Nayak, Rohan R. Poojary and Ronak M Soni
TIFR/TH/17-27 A Universal Framework for Finding Anomalous Objects at the LHC Amit Chakraborty, Abhishek M. Iyer, Tuhin S. Roy
TIFR/TH/17-28 Notes on Melonic SO(N) q-1 Tensor Models Indranil Haldar, Lavneet Janagal, Shiraz Minwalla, Rohan Poojary, Anshuman Dey
TIFR/TH/17-29 Scaling Universality at the Dynamic Vortex Mott Transition Martijn Lankhorst, Nicola Poccia, Martin P. Stehno, Alexey Galda, Himadri Barman, Francesco Coneri, Hans Hilgenkamp, Alexander Brinkman, Alexander A. Golubov, Vikram Tripathi, Tatyana I. Baturina, Valerii M. Vinokur
TIFR/TH/17-30 BCFW recursion relations in Chern-Simons theories coupled to vector matter Karthik Inbasekar, Sachin Jain, Pranjal Nayak and V. Umesh
TIFR/TH/17-31 Fast flavor conversions of supernova neutrinos: Classifying instabilities via dispersion relations Francesco Capozzi, Basudeb Dasgupta, Eligio Lisi, Antonio Marrone, Alessandro Mirizzi
TIFR/TH/17-32 Self-Scattering of Multi-level Dark Matter & New Dissipation Mechanisms Anirban Das, Basudeb Dasgupta
TIFR/TH/17-33 Non-standard neutrino self-interactions in a supernova and fast flavor conversions Amol Dighe and Manibrata Sen
TIFR/TH/17-34 Fast Neutrino Flavor Conversion as Oscillations in a Quartic Potential Basudeb Dasgupta and Manibrata Sen
TIFR/TH/17-35 On the Dynamics of Near-Extremal Black Holes Pranjal Nayak, Ashish Shukla, Ronak M Soni, Sandip P. Trivedi and V. Vishal
TIFR/TH/17-36 An effective field theory for warm QCD Sourendu Gupta and Rishi Sharma
TIFR/TH/17-37 Equation of State and Freezout in QCD with Staggered Quarks Saumen Datta, R.V. Gavai and Sourendu Gupta
TIFR/TH/17-38 A Complex Fermion Tensor Model in d=2-\eps Dimensions Shiroman Prakash, Ritam Sinha
TIFR/TH/17-39 Heavy light tetraquarks from Lattice QCD Parikshit Junnarkar, Nilmani Mathur and M. Padmanath
TIFR/TH/17-40 Spectroscopy of Charmed and Bottom Hadrons using Lattice QCD Sourav Mondal, Nilmani Mathur and M. Padmanath
TIFR/TH/17-41 Linked boundary entanglement in Chern-Simons theory with generic gauge groups Siddharth Dwivedi, Vivek Kumar Singh, Saswati Dhara, P. Ramadevi, Yang Zhou, Lata Kh Joshi
TIFR/TH/17-42 Dual Superconformal Symmetry of N = 2 Chern-Simons theory with Fundamental Matter and Non-Renormalization at Large N Karthik Inbasekar, Sachin Jain, Sucheta Majumdar, Pranjal Nayak, Turmoli Neogi, Tarun Sharma, Ritam Sinha and V Umesh
TIFR/TH/17-43 Dark neutrino interactions make gravitational waves blue Subhajit Ghosh, Rishi Khatri, Tuhin S. Roy
TIFR/TH/17-44 The Bulk Higgs in the Deformed RS Model K. Sridhar, Namrata Manglani and Farvah Mahmoudi
TIFR/TH/17-45 Role of Hund's splitting in electronic phase competition in Pb(1−x)Sn(x)Te S.Kundu, V.Tripathi
TIFR/TH/17-46 Disordered BKT transition and superinsulation Sarath Sankar, Valerii Vinokur, Vikram Tripathi
TIFR/TH/17-47 Scaling Universality at the Dynamic Vortex Mott Transition Martijn Lankhorst, Nicola Poccia, Vikram Tripathi, et. al.
TIFR/TH/17-48 Magnetic anisotropy of the alkali iridate Na2IrO3 at high magnetic fields: evidence for strong ferromagnetic Kitaev correlations Sitikantha.D Das, Sarbajaya Kundu, Zengwei Zhu, Vikram Tripathi, et. al.
TIFR/TH/17-49 Competing effects of Hund's splitting and symmetry-breaking perturbations on electronic order in Pb(1−x)Sn(x)Te Sarbajaya Kundu and Vikram Tripathi
TIFR/TH/17-50 Braiding Majorana Zero Modes through high frequency virtual tunneling Pranay Gorantla, Rajdeep Sensarma