Hotel Accommodation

The Oberoi Towers

We have negotiated a special conference rate with The Oberoi Towers for the participants of Strings 2001.

Oberoi Towers Information:

The Oberoi Towers is a five-star hotel located about 5 km from the Tata Institute, at Nariman Point on Marine Drive, in the business district of Mumbai. It offers a very nice view of the Arabian Sea, and the usual amenities and services of a luxury hotel. In addition to the many restaurants and boutiques within the hotel, there are a number of very good restaurants, shops and bars within a radius of a couple of kilometers.

The discount rate per room per night is:

Add to this 20% sales/luxury tax.

The price includes:

While the hotel rate is guaranteed for the conference, the tax is in principle subject to revision by the Government of India, though as of now there is no reason to expect a revision.

The hotel rate is valid for Strings 2001 participants and their companions, from January 4 to 11, 2001 inclusive. In case you are arriving earlier or would like to stay longer, please write to the hotel in advance; the conference rate will quite possibly be extended for your entire stay as a courtesy, depending on availability. The hotel management informs us that Strings 2001 participants will be allowed to check in to their rooms as early as 6 AM of the day from which their reservation starts, about 6 hours ahead of normal check-in times.

Hotel staff are expected to be on hand at the airport for a couple of days before the start of the conference. They will assist Strings 2001 guests holding a confirmed booking with their hotel to get transportation from the airport to the hotel. However, the cost of this transportation is not included in the room rate. More information on this is available on the "Arrival in Mumbai" page. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this special offer at The Oberoi Towers. The normal rates for a room here are in the range of U.S. $250 plus tax. The special Strings 2001 rate is in principle available on a limited number of rooms. At present, rooms are still available at this rate, and you are advised to make confirmed bookings as early as possible.

To avoid potential confusion, please note that "The Oberoi" is a different hotel, adjacent to "The Oberoi Towers", though both are owned by the same group. The two hotels are connected internally and most facilities such as restaurants can be availed of by guests of either hotel.

For those on a tight budget, some less expensive hotels are listed below. You are free to explore them if you wish, but it is possible that you could be better off sharing (if necessary) a double occupancy or even a triple occupancy room at the Oberoi Towers.

Making a Reservation at Oberoi Towers:

Please consult the Oberoi Hotels website following the link below, but do not fill in any forms on their website! Instead, make your reservation by sending email at the address provided below. Please put "Attn: Ms Sudha Narayan, Strings 2001" in the subject header, this will ensure that the mail reaches the person handling our conference.

You may need to guarantee the reservation with a credit card or in any other way acceptable to the hotel. You will need your Strings 2001 Registration Number to get the special rate. Please note that all your detailed enquiries should be addressed directly to the hotel. Issues related to cancellation, refunds, and extra costs for meals (other than breakfast), purchases or phone calls are to be settled directly between participants and the hotel.

In case you do not get a response within two or three days, please contact us at and we will try to help you out.

Budget Alternatives

If you are adventurous or are on a tight budget, you may want to try out some of the other alternatives below. However, if you have not been to Mumbai before, please be aware that in South Mumbai, where the Tata Institute is located, hotel rates are unusually high compared to other Indian cities. Also, some of the less expensive hotels may offer fairly poor value for money in terms of cleanliness, service and safety. Staying somewhere other than South Mumbai could mean a commute of between 45 to 90 minutes each way in dense rush-hour traffic.

The options that we list below are all in South Mumbai and, to the best of our knowledge, are safe and clean. They are all at a reasonable commuting distance from the Tata Institute. The prices given below are approximate, and are valid as of April 2000. They could increase by upto 10% by January 2001. These prices are for rooms with attached bath, but do not include breakfast unless specifically stated. Some rooms are air-conditioned, you should check this directly with the hotel. For details of these hotels, please consult your favourite India guidebook or website.

  • West End Hotel
    • Price: Rs 2600 for an "economy-double", Rs 3800 for a 3-person suite, inclusive of tax.
    • Area: New Marine Lines (5 km from Tata Institute)
    • Telephone Number: +91-22-203 9121
    • Email address:
  • Harbour View Hotel
    • Price: Rs 2300 for a double, Rs 2600 for a "deluxe" double, inclusive of tax.
    • Area: Colaba/Gateway of India (5 km from Tata Institute)
    • Telephone Number: +91-22-282 1089
    • Email address:
  • Shelley's Hotel
    • Price: Rs 1500 for a double, Rs 2000 for a "deluxe" double, inclusive of tax.
    • Area: Colaba/Gateway of India (5 km from Tata Institute)
    • Telephone Number: +91-22-284 0229
    • Email address: -
  • YWCA International Centre
    • Price: Rs 600 for a single, Rs 1100 for a double, Rs 1600 for a triple, inclusive of tax, breakfast and dinner. Accepts both men and women, and is distinct from the YMCA/YWCA hostels. Rs 60 membership fee and a deposit may be required.
    • Area: Colaba (5 km from Tata Institute)
    • Telephone Number: +91-22-202 5053
    • Email address: -

Last updated December 14, 2000