Strings 2001

Electronic Bank Transfer of Registration Fee: Instructions

Information in response to recent queries:

To transfer funds to the Strings 2001 account with ICICI Bank Mumbai, please follow the instructions below. Remember that before making any payments, you must first complete the Registration Form and receive a Registration Number from us. This number must accompany your payment.

ICICI Bank Mumbai holds a "Nostro" account with Chase Manhattan Bank, New York. You should request your local bank to send the money in U.S. Dollars on your behalf to this account, for further credit to the Strings 2001 account with ICICI Bank Mumbai.

Give your bank the following information:

  1. The SWIFT Address of Chase Manhattan Bank, New York: CHASUS33.
  2. The Nostro Account Number of ICICI Bank Mumbai, which is 001-1-427374, along with their UID Chips No: 340828.
Request that the Registration Fee be credited to Chase Manhattan Bank for further credit to the Account `Strings-2001' No. 000405002450 at ICICI Bank Mumbai. Your name and Strings 2001 Registration Number should accompany this information.

U.S. Residents: In case your bank transfer is via the Federal Reserve System, you may need the 9-digit "Routing and Transit Number" for Chase Manhattan, which is: 021000021.

Please make sure that your bank credits the money exactly as above through Chase Manhattan, and not directly to ICICI Bank through any other means.