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{Last updated on 25th July 2011}
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I am a student in the Department of Theoretical Physics (DTP) in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)

I did my BSc.(Hons.) in Physics from Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI)

My undergraduate home page was this.
Some of the particular aspects of my undergraduate pursuits can be found in these specific pages

1.Physics and Geometry seminars and talks given
2. Summer and winter vacation activities
3. Some writings in geometry during my undergrad:
   a)Basis for a topological space
   b)Connections on Riemannian Manifolds
4. Some art work
   a)An old pillar and a tree in water. ( with black ink and metal tipped "crow quill" pen )
   b)A face. (with oil-paint )
   c) Some pastel drawings
   d)Some photographs I took

Some articles that I have recently written are as follows

10. At the end of this page there are my notes on some of the lectures by Prof.Sunil Mukhi on MSSM

9. Some notes on ``large N" {\cal N}=2 supersymmetric Chern-Simons-matter theory

8. An analysis of singularity formation in Einstein's theory of gravity

7. An analysis of mine on the Hall Effect

6. A report on an experiment I did of doing electrophoresis with proteins

5. A possibly interesting Hamiltonian

4. Decomposition of Linear Transformation
   (A detailed explanation for Jordan Canonical Forms starting from the basics)

3. Lifting of maps in topological spaces
   (A detailed explanation of path lifting theorems for covering spaces and locally trivial bundles
    starting from similar ideas on simpler structures)

2. Elementary concepts about topological spaces
   (A survey of interconnections between the properties of Hausdorffness, Connectedness and Compactness)

1.A brief write-up on stellar equilibrium and Chandrashekhar's Limit

Off-late I have registered at this community called MathOverflow and have been participating in its proceedings.
This is my home-page at MathOverflow
The whole idea and the intensity of the interaction here looks very promising.

Slides and notes from my recent presentations,

7. A seminar on ``large N" {\cal N}=2 supersymmetric Chern-Simons-matter theory
6. A seminar on black holes in Einstein's theory of gravity
5. A seminar on reionization cosmology
4. A presentation on electrophoresis of proteins
3. Review of a paper in atomic physics
2. Talk on astronomical reference frames
1. Talk on the Pound and Rebka experiment

Three years ago I composed "The Dinner" and about 2 years ago I wrote "The Lunch". These can be read, here. Recently I felt like completing this series of poems and during the week ending on 1st October 2010 I composed "The Breakfast" which can be found, here. And more recently I wrote this one

Since as far back as I can remember till my Class 10 I used to spend a large fraction of my time drawing, painting (pastel, charcoal, water colours and oil-painting (self-taught)), writing poems and drama scripts and it has been fading over the years and during the last 2 years as a consequence of need of exponentially increasing professional commitment all such softer pursuits have been stopped.

On the following pages I write about a spectrum of topics and the posts are predominantly about theoretical physics, mathematics, socio-economics (got inpired by the breathstopping books by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen), educational policies, tackling corruption in education, career questions, movie reviews and current affairs.

2. My blog - where I try to write at least once in 2 months.

1. My Buzz - where I write almost daily.

Towards a world where knowledge is free
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