Andrew T. Lytle

Visiting Scientist, TIFR

Office: A435
Tel: +91-22-2278-2326
Email: atlytle [at] theory [dot] phys [dot] res [dot] in

Research Interests

I study the theory of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), which governs the physics of the nucleus. I'm interested in using QCD as a quantitative tool to improve Standard Model phenomenology, explore flavor physics, and search for new physics beyond the Standard Model.

I am a member of the USQCD, UKQCD, and ILGTI research collaborations. My colleagues and I were awarded the 2012 Ken Wilson Award for "...the first reliable results in weak kaon decays."

Some Recent Talks

01 Aug, 2013 - "Kaon mixing beyond the standard model" given at Lattice2013 in Mainz, Germany. The proceedings may be found here.
21 Feb, 2013 - "K --> π π Decays from Lattice QCD" given at the PCPV 2013 workshop on CP-violation in Mahabaleshwar, India. I gave an expanded version of this talk at TIFR.
09 Oct, 2012 - "Ab-initio kaon decays: The ∆ I = 1/2 rule." Seminar given at the University of Iowa.
08 Oct, 2012 - "Testing the Standard Model using Lattice QCD." Physics colloquium given at the University of Iowa.