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Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Journal Club

These old pages are kept just for record of old talks. Some of the other details have changed over time, and will not be updated here. Please visit the current page of CMSP Journal Club for latest information.

Nov 23 Urna Basu. "Exact Particle Correlation in Ordered Zero Range Process."
Nov 17 Kabir Ramola. "Distribution of Lee-Yang zeros and Griffiths singularities in the (+/-) J model of spin glasses"
Oct 27 Tridib Sadhu. "Rotor walks and Markov Chains"
Oct 06 Sambuddha Sanyal. "Topological defects in topological insulators."
Sep 22 Dr. Vikram Tripathi "Electron Heating Effects in Disordered Insulators."
Sep.01 Dr. Kedar Damle "Organic quantum spin liquids?"
Aug 03 V. Sasidevan "Distribution of the time at which the deviation of a Brownian motion is maximum before its first-passage time."
Jul.27 Argha Banerjee "Type-1.5 Superconductivity."
Jul.19 Kusum Dhochak "Ground State Energy, Spin Gap and Hole Superconductivity on Square Lattice Heisenberg Antiferromagnet by Majorana Fermion"
Jul.13 Prof. Deepak Dhar "Continuum percolation of overlapping discs."
Jun.29 Kabir Ramola
Jun.22 Tridib Sadhu "Non-equilibrium steady states of matrix product form."
Jun.15 Samarth Chandra "A review of statistical studies of human languages."
Jun.08 Arnab sen "Spin Phonon Induced Collinear order and magnetization plateaus in kagome and triangular antiferromagnets"
Jun.01 Dibyendu Roy "Nonequilibrium steady state charge transport in an interacting open quantum system"
May.25 "No talk"
May.18 Dr. Malay Bandyopadhyay "Molecular weight dependent thermal diffusion in dilute polymer solutions."
May.11 "No talk"
May.04 Dr. Vikram Tripathi "Eigenfunction fractality and pseudogap state near the superconductor-insulator transition."
Apr.27 Dr. Kedar Damle "Fractional Magnetization Plateaus and Magnetic Order in the Shastry-Sutherland Magnet TmB4"
Apr.20 Gaurav Shukla "Casimir forces in binary liquid mixtures"
Apr.13 V.Sasidevan "Capture of the Lamb: Diffusing predators seeking a diffusing prey"
Apr. 6 Argha Banerjee "Magnetic monopoles in spin ice"
Mar.30 Rajeev Kapri A volume function for jammed matter (in AG 77 Lecture theatre)
Mar.23 Stefano Olla (Université Paris Dauphine, France) Macroscopic heat transport from microscopic dynamics (in AG 77 Lecture theatre)
Mar.16 No Talk
Mar. 9 No Talk
Mar. 2 No Talk : less than 50% active members in town
Feb.23 Kusum Dhochak "Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with Single Electron Spins" (in Mathematics Seminar Room)
Feb.16 Julien Randon-Furling (Orsay, France) On the convex hull of random samples
Feb. 9 Deepak Dhar Hysteresis in Random Field Continuous Spin Models
Feb. 2 No Talk
Jan.26 No Talk : Republic Day
Jan.23 Jan.19 Kirone Mallick (C.E.A. Saclay) Short review on recent results in the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process (ASEP)
Jan.12 No Talk
Jan. 5 No Talk
Dec. 8- Dec.29 No Talk : Indian Condensed Matter Workshop (ICMW08)
Nov.24 Nov.17 Kabir Ramola Quasi long Range Order in Classical Antiferromagnets on the Kagome lattice
Nov.10 Tridib Sadhu Thermal Conduction in Classical Low-dimensional Lattices
Nov. 3 No Talk
Oct.27 No Talk
Oct.20 Samarth Chandra Deviations from Hodgkin-Huxley model of a neuron
Oct.13 No Talk
Oct. 6 Arnab Sen Unconventional Phase transition in a 3D dimer model
Sep.29 Abhishek Dhar(RRI,Bangalore) Green-Kubo formula for heat conduction in open systems
Sep.22 Rahul Roy (McMaster Univ.) Topological Phases of systems with time reversal symmetry
Sep.15 Malay Bandyopadhyay Failure of the work-Hamiltonian connection for free-energy calculations
Sep. 8 No Talk
Sep. 1 Aug. 25 Vikram Tripathi "Spin-S Kitaev model: Classical ground states, order by disorder and exact correlation functions"
Aug.18 Kedar Damle "Scaling in the Fan of an Unconventional Quantum Critical Point" and "From an antiferromagnet to a Valence Bond Solid: Evidence for a First order phase transition"
Aug.11 Argha Banerjee "The missing memristor found"
Aug. 4 Deepak Dhar On the Ising model for the simple cubic lattice
Jul.28 Kusum Dhochak Kondo effect in transport through single and coupled quantum dots
Jul.21 Dibyendu Roy (RRI, Bangalore) Role of pinning potentials in heat transport through disordered harmonic chain
Jul.14 No Talk : E.C.G.Sudarshan's Special Lecture
Jul. 7 Kavita Jain (JNCASR, Bangalore) Deterministic and stochastic models of biological evolution
Jun.30 Kabir Ramola Random Walks interacting with evolving energy landscapes
Jun.23 Tridib Sadhu Nonextensive statistics
May.26 to Jun.16 No Talk : less than 50% active members in town
May.19 Rajeev Kapri A Monte Carlo Algorithm to Calculate Density of States: Wang-Landau Sampling
May.12 Samarth Chandra Computational Neuroscience Review 1: Single neuron modelling
May. 5 Shyamal Biswas (IACS, Kolkata) Finite Temperature Scaling Theory for the Collapse of Bose-Einstein Condensate
Apr. 28 No Talk
Apr. 21 No Talk : Shamik Gupta's Synopsis Seminar
Apr. 14 Malay Bandyopadhyay Catastrophe theory from a pedestrian's point of view
Apr. 7 Vikram Tripathi Electromagnetic radiation by a tunnelling charge
Mar. 3 Sreedhar Dutta (KIAS, Korea) Ageing in quenched LR spherical model
Feb. 25 Abhishek Dhar (RRI, Bangalore) Effect of phonon-phonon interactions on localization
Feb. 18 Joseph Indekeu (Leuven, Belgium) The ubiquitous wetting phase transition
Feb. 11 Kabir Ramola Critical Scaling in Standard Biased Random Walks
Feb. 4 Arnab Sen Theory of Deconfined Critical Points
Dec. 12 Argha Banerjee Super-Solid phase in 4He
Nov.19 Shamik Gupta Asymmetric Exclusion process: a paradigm to study nonequilibrium dynamics.
Nov. 5 Kusum Dhochak Continuous spin systems, especially, 2d XY model and Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition
Oct. 29 Rajeev Kapri Generating Function Technique and its application to DNA unzipping.
Oct. 22 Malay Bandyopadhyay Statistical Mechanics of a Nonlinear Model for DNA Denaturation
Oct. 15 Tridib Sadhu "From time-symmetric microscopic dynamics to time-asymmetric macroscopic behaviour: An Overview" by J.L. Lebowitz
Oct. 8 Deepak Dhar "Anyons in an exactly solved model and beyond" by Alexei Kitaev.
Oct. 1 Samarth Chandra Kastelyn's exact solution to the dimer problem on a 2D planar lattice and its recent application to Kagome lattice.
Sep. 24 Mustansir Barma Giant number fluctuations in a granular nematic