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Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Journal Club

Date: December 12, 2007
Title: Super-Solid phase in 4He
Speaker: Argha Banerjee
Abstract: The talk will be about the supersolid phase in 4He and will be based around the following papers:
  1. Probable observation of a supersolid helium phase by E. Kim and M. H. W. Chan [Nature]
  2. Observation of Superflow in Solid Helium by E. Kim and M. H. W. Chan [Science]
  3. Supersolid State of Matter by Nikolay Prokof'ev and Boris Svistunov [Phys.Rev.Lett., arXiv:cond-mat]
  4. Observation of Classical Rotational Inertia and Nonclassical Supersolid Signals in Solid 4He below 250 mK by Ann Sophie C. Rittner and John D. Reppy [Phys.Rev.Lett.]