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Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Journal Club

Date: July 21, 2008
Title: Role of pinning potentials in heat transport through disordered harmonic chain.
Speaker: Dibyendu Roy (RRI,Bangalore)
Abstract: The role of quadratic onsite pinning potentials on determining the size (N) dependence of the disorder averaged steady state heat current <J>, in a isotopically disordered harmonic chain connected to stochastic heat baths, is investigated. For two models of heat baths, namely white noise baths and Rubin's model of baths, we find that the N dependence of <J> is the same and depends on the number of pinning centers present in the chain. In the absence of pinning, <J> ∼ 1/N^{1/2} while in presence of one or two pins <J> ∼ 1/N^{3/2}. For a finite (n) number of pinning centers with 2 ≤ n ≪ N, we provide heuristic arguments and numerical evidence to show that <J> ∼ 1/N^{n-1/2}.