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Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Journal Club

Date: June 08, 2009
Title: "Spin Phonon Induced Collinear order and magnetization plateaus in kagome and triangular antiferromagnets"
Speaker: Arnab Sen
Reference: "Spin Phonon Induced Collinear Order and Magnetization Plateaus in Triangular and Kagome Antiferromagnets: Applications to CuFeO2" by Fa Wang and Ashvin Vishwanath[Phys. Rev. Lett.]
Abstract : "The effects of spin-lattice coupling on triangular and kagome antiferromagnets are studied in this paper. The authors find that even moderate couplings can induce complex collinear orders. On coupling classical Heisenberg spins on the triangular lattice to Einstein phonons, a rich variety of phases emerge including the experimentally observed four sublattice state and the $1/5$th plateau state seen in CuFeO_2. On the kagome lattice, moderate spin-lattice couplings induce collinear order, but an extensive degeneracy remains. "