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Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Journal Club

Date: May 12, 2008
Title: Computational Neuroscience Review 1: Single neuron modelling
Speaker: Samarth Chandra
Abstract: Computational and mathematical modelling in neuroscience may be broadly divided into three subareas: modelling a single neuron, modelling how these neurons come together to form networks and finally, higher level models of cognition.

In this review we will discuss the various ways in which single neurons are modelled. We will overview the entire range of models--right from the detailed compartmental models which take into account the morphology and composition of the neurons to the "black-box" models which, at the other extreme, ignore the underlying biophysical mechanisms and describe the behavior of the neurons in probabilistic terms. Before discussing the compartmental models we will review the important aspects of Rall's cable theory which originally led to these models.One example of step by step mathematical modelling of an experiment will be presented.
  1. Main reference (the review): A.V.M.Herz, et. al., Modelling single neuron dynamics and computations [Science]
  2. Other references: Johnston and Wu, Foundations of cellular neurophysiology, Bradford Books, Chapter 4 (for Rall's cable theory)