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Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Journal Club

Date: November 10, 2008
Title: Thermal Conduction in Classical Low-dimensional Lattices.
Speaker: Tridib Sadhu
  1. "Thermal conduction in classical low-dimensional lattices" by Stefano Lepri, Roberto Livib and Antonio Politi. [Physics Reports] [arXiv:cond-mat]
  2. "Heat Transport in low-dimensional systems" by Abhishek Dhar. [arXiv:cond-mat]
Abstract: I will discuss two recent reviews on heat conduction. Fourier's law of thermal conduction is a phenomenological law and has been enormously successful in providing an accurate description of the heat transport phenomenon as observed in many experimental systems. However there is no rigorous derivation of this law starting from microscopic Hamiltonian description. I will present some existing theoretical approaches (Rieder-Lebowitz-Lieb method, Green-Kubo formula, Boltzmann-Peierls equation etc) towards the derivation of this law, and also a recently developed approach using generalized Langevin equation. The role of lattice dimensionality on the breakdown of the Fouriers law will be discussed and also some universal quantitative aspects will be emphasized. A brief discussion of some of the experiments on heat conduction in nanowires and nanotubes will be presented.