Nishita Desai (निशिता देसाई)

Ramanujan Fellow
Department of Theoretical Physics
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Homi Bhabha Road, Navy Nagar, Colaba
Mumbai 400005, India.

Publications: inSPIRE, Google, arXiv
Codes: Pythia 8, CheckMATE

I am a particle physicist interested in studying physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM). My expertise lies in performing detailed simulations of collision events to determine predictions of new theories for experiments like ATLAS and CMS at the LHC, and conversely, in using observed data from these experiments to restrict new theories.

Some directions of research that I currently follow are:

  1. Recasting of experimental results for testing new physics theories (see CheckMATE)
  2. Searches for dark matter at colliders; complementarity of dark matter searches at colliders with those from direct and indirect searches
  3. Exotic long lived particles produced at the LHC and dedicated searches.
  4. Simulation of production of new particles in colliders (see Pythia 8)


Elementary Particle Physics (Autumn 2019) Course Details