Joint Indo-German School And Workshop 2007

Neutrinos in Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

12-23 February 2007 - Mumbai, India


JIGSAW 2007 will be held in the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. TIFR is at the extreme western end of the Homi Bhabha Road, which is in Navy Nagar, Colaba. The institute is on the left hand side of the road as you come down it, and the guest house is in the campus on the right. The lecture hall for the talks is equipped with an overhead projector (Beamer) as well as transparency projectors.


Wireless/Wired network access will be available. Cell phone reception for the Airtel and MTNL networks is good inside and in the vicinity of the lecture rooms. Please make sure that your phones are on silent mode during the talks.


Bombay never gets very cold. At this time the temperature is expected to be in the mid 20's. However, the air conditioning in the institute makes sure that you do not miss the winter. Be prepared for significantly lower temperatures inside the lecture rooms. Rain is very unlikely.


If you need any help getting a Visa to India, please email the organizers. However, note that getting a Tourist Visa is the most convenient option.


Most of the students will be given accomodation in the TIFR guest-house, in the same campus as the institute. Most of the workshop participants will be staying in either the YWCA International Centre near Regal Cinema, or at Hotel Fariyas in Colaba Market area, near Telephone Bhavan. The map of Colaba, showing TIFR, YWCA and Fariyas may be found here .

Take a Taxi

Taxis to the institute will cost around Rs. 350 from the airport, Rs. 100 from Mumbai Central railway station, Rs. 60 from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai CST), Rs. 30-40 from Regal / YWCA / Fariyas hotel (the amount shown on the meter has to be multiplied by a factor of about 14 to compute the cost of your trip). Traffic conditions are unpredictable; allow 15 minutes for travel by taxi between the hotel and the institute, about an hour to the airport and under 30 minutes to the railway stations.

In order to take a taxi to the institute from the airport or the railway stations specify that you want to get to "Navy Nagar, Colaba". A landmark known to all taxi drivers is the Navy Nagar bus terminus (better known as "last stop of bus number 3") which is on Homi Bhabha Road just before the institute. The only other bus terminus in Navy Nagar is called the R.C. Church bus terminus: if you reach this then you should ask the taxi to look for the other terminus. In south Bombay most taxi drivers would know "TIFR", but if they don't then the above two directions work. Parts of Navy Nagar are closed to the public; the guards at the closure points would be able to give directions to the institute (known as "TIFR").

For getting to the YWCA International Centre , take a taxi to "Regal Cinema", also known formally as the "Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Chowk (Square)". The YWCA is on Madam Cama Road, just a minute's walk from the main square. See the map . The address is 18, Madam Cama Road, Fort, Mumbai 400039. The telephone numbers are (022) 2202 5053 / 2202 9161 / 2202 0598, 2282 6814. Please mention that you are a TIFR guest.

For reaching Hotel Fariyas , take a taxi to "Colaba Market" upto "Telephone Bhavan" (or "Strand Cinema"). See the map . The address of the hotel is 25, Off Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005. The telephone number is (022) 22042911. Please mention that you are a TIFR guest.

...or a Bus

There are buses run by BEST that take you from almost anywhere to anywhere in Mumbai. Use their interactive website to plan your itinerary. It also runs special buses at night from both the airports.

Bus routes 3, 6 Ltd, 11 Ltd and 125 go from Mumbai CST to the Navy Nagar bus terminus. At Mumbai CST cross through the suburban railway station to arrive at the bus stops. Make sure that the bus you take goes all the way to "Navy Nagar" (some buses on these routes stop at "Electric House" or "Colaba Bus Station" — the destination is mentioned outside the bus).

Bus number 125 comes to TIFR directly from Mumbai Central; exit away from the suburban railway station for this bus. It is also possible to take a local train to Churchgate station. Then come out through the western exit, get to the main road (Veer Nariman Road) and take bus number 137 to "Navy Nagar" from the Churchgate side of the road. This is much faster than taking the 125 all the way.

If you arrive at Dadar central station, then cross over to the western local station and take the train to Churchgate. At Churchgate take bus number 137 as explained above. From Dadar you can also take the central line to Mumbai CST and then buses 3, 6 Ltd, 11 Ltd or 125 as explained above.

If you arrive at Bandra terminus, get to the western rail network, arrive at Churchgate and take 137 as explained above. If you arrive at the Kurla terminus (Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak terminus), walk across to the local station, take the train to Mumbai CST and then buses 3, 6 Ltd, 11 Ltd or 125 as explained above.

For reaching YWCA International Centre, you may take any of the above buses, ask the conductor to get you off at "Regal". The address and the map are given above.

For reaching Hotel Fariyas, you may take any of the above buses, ask the conductor to get you off at "Colaba Market". Once you get off, you have to go in a left lane (ask for "Telephone Bhavan" or "Hotel Fariyas" directly) and walk for about 5 minutes. The address and the map are given above.

Refreshments, Lunch and Dinner

Coffee Breaks and Lunches during the school and workshop days (except on Feb 18th) will be taken care of by the organisers. The stay at YWCA includes dinner. The participants may choose to have dinner in the TIFR Guest House during the school and workshop days, which will be covered by the conference. However, they have to inform the Guest House staff before lunch on each day.

South Bombay also has a wide variety of good restaurants. A partial list of restaurants in south Bombay is available here and here, though some of the prices may have increased by upto 20%.

Currency and Tipping

Currency can be exchanged at the airport and at various places in south Bombay (ask your hotel reception for the most convenient locations). Retain your exchange receipt; you'll need it if you want to convert rupees back into another currency at the end of the stay. Currency exchange is not possible in TIFR. Credit cards are accepted at most larger restaurants and shops.

Tips are not expected for taxis. Tips are expected in restaurants, and 10% is considered to be generous.


A map of Mumbai can be used to locate and zoom into interesting places like Colaba (Homi Bhabha Road is at the extreme southern end). Here is a plan of the institute (the lectures will be held in the block marked AB in the plan). Here is a map of the route taken by the TIFR bus (Includes timings. CAUTION: The route is a bit different now).