Results from the full sky map of Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect (y-distortion) constructed from full mission Planck HFI public data

CO mask

The CO mask is the minimal mask derived by comparing the fits to CO vs SZ effect in arXiv:1505.00778. It masks strong sources of CO emission, in particular the Galactic molecular clouds at high latitudes which can contaminate the SZ maps and catalogs. The mask covers 14.2% of the sky. See the reference for details.

Galactic+CO masks

fsky=60% (apodized 60' Gaussian)

Annotations to the second Planck cluster catalog

This is a ASCII annotated second Planck cluster catalog which retains partial entries from the original catalog and adds new entries identifying the cluster candidate as a molecular cloud or a cluster. The significance of the identification as a cloud or cluster is quantified in chi-square difference with negative values implying the source to be a molecular cloud (CO emission) and positive values for the cluster (SZ effect). The table is sorted according to S/N quoted in the original table. The columns are explained in the README file.


This paper described the construction of the mask and classification of the cluster catalog candidates.

This accompanying paper uses these results from Planck data together with the SPT cluster catalog to place upper and lower limits on the average y-distortion monopole.

Planck clusters paper

SPT clusters paper

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