EM Theory

Electromagnetism Core Course, 2004

Purpose and methodology of the course

This is part of the core course requirement for research scholars who joined in August of 2004. There will be the required 30 contact hours of classroom work and additional hours if needed.

The main purpose of this course is to cover basic material on electromagnetism. In addition, several ancillary skills are also to be developed during this course. These are the abilities to read and understand primary scientific literature and to communicate scientific understanding orally and in writing.

Before every contact period reading material and problems will be assigned. This will be posted on the Assignments and Schedule web page or handed out in class. The contact hours will be used to clarify this material and help you to apply the concepts to the solution of problems. In addition, other activities such as literature surveys and presentations will be a major part of the course. There will be very few traditional lectures. Comprehension and mastery of the material will be tested repeatedly.


Grading will be based on seminars, written and oral exams. Assignments are expected to be discussed between students, and will not be a basis for grading.

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