Statistical Mechanics Core Course, 2002

Answers to the final exam

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Format and purpose of the course

The core course is required for all research scholars who joined in August of 2001. There will be the required 30 contact hours of work and additional discussion hours.

The main purpose of this course is to cover basic material on Statistical Mechanics. The material will be covered through lectures, discussions and other activities, assigned work and assigned reading. Comprehension and mastery of the material will be tested repeatedly.

In addition, several ancillary skills are also to be developed. These are the abilities to read and understand primary scientific literature and to communicate scientific understanding orally and in writing. Progress in acquiring these skills will be monitored by peers.

Contents of the web pages

These web pages contain (or will eventually contain) an outline of the course with links to lecture notes and web material that illustrates it, test questions and assigned work and updates to course grades. Supplementary to the course material will be the FAQ which contains questions encountered during the course and their possible answers. The course schedule will be updated regularly.

See the schedule for the first lecture.

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