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This work is not original. It is an excerpt from Wikipedia lepidopteran taxa. The counts of sub-taxa are taken from the original reference (van Nieukerken et al, Zootaxa 3148 (2011) p 212-221)

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Partial Lepidopteran Taxonomy

The taxonomy of moths has been changing dramatically in recent decades. It is claimed that the three largest superfamilies of Lepidoptera are the Noctuoidea, Geometroidea and Pyraloidea. The Pyraloidea are currently said to include the two families Pyralidae and Crambidae, and may comprise about 16000 species worldwide (see this reference).

This partial taxonomy is geared towards the most commonly visible lepidoptera in Mumbai. Tussok moths, silk moths, etc are not included.

Clade Macroheterocera
This clade was previously called macrolepidoptera; the older term may still be used to denote polyphyletic groups of larger moths and butterflies.
Superfamily Geometroidea
Contains families Geometridae (23002 species), Uraniidae (686 species), Sematuridae (40 species) and Epicopeiidae (20 species).
Superfamily Noctuoidea
Contains families Noctuidae (owlet moths, 11772 species), Nolidae (tuft moths, 1738 species), Notodontidae (prominent moths, 3800 species), Oenosandridae (8 species), Erebidae (Tussock moths, 24569 species), and Euteliidae (520 species). Molecular studies of this superfamily have begun, and may lead to changes in this taxon.
Superfamily Bombycoidea
Contains families Sphingidae (1463 species including hawk moths), Saturniidae (2349 species, including silk, emperor and owl moths), and 8 others.
Other superfamilies
Superfamily Drepanoidea (3 families) and Lasiocampoidea (1 family).
Clade Obtectomera
Superfamily Hesperioidea
Contains the family Hesperiidae (4113 species), which are the skipper butterflies.
Superfamily Papilionoidea
These are all the other butterflies, including families Papilionidae (570 species), Pieridae (1164 species), Lycaenidae (5210 species), Nymphalidae (6152 species), and Riodinidae (1532 species).
Superfamily Pyraloidea
Contains the families Pyralidea (5921 species, snout moths) and Crambidae (9655 species, grass moths).
Other superfamilies
Other superfamilies in this clade are Whalleyanoidea (1 family), Thyrdoidea (1 family), Hyblaeoidea (1 family), Calliduloidea (1 family), and Mimallonoidea (1 family).
Clade Apoditrysia
Superfamily Cossoidea (Sesioidea)
This contains the family Sesiidae (clear-wing moths, 1397 species), Cossidae (971 species) and 5 other families. There is some discussion on whether this superfamily is monophyletic or not, and whether it needs to be merged with superfamily Zyganoidea in order to achieve monophyly.
Superfamily Pterophoroidea
This contains the single family Pterophoidae, the plume moths (1318 species).
Superfamily Alucitoidea
This contains the families Tineodidae (19 species) and Alucitidae (217 species)
Other superfamilies
There are 24 other superfamilies in this clade.