January — April, 2007

All photos © Sourendu Gupta
Yellow eyes
Blue and yellow
Running wild
The three pointed star
1939 Volkswagen
The blues
Coming for a spin?
Vintage car rally
Lizard on a window pane
Buds with ladybird
Cars of office
Powered ruins
Don't go where the flowers grow
Black-tailed Godwit in Sunday best
Dressed to the nines
The world is flat and green on the other side
Four birds in one shot
Flamingo juvenile
Little Egret
Cannon ball buds
The sun approaches the horizon
Red and blue
Kite on a cannonball tree
Rufous tree pies
If a body meets a body...
Common leopard butterfly
Parakeet on a dhok tree
Red vented bulbul
Snake bird
Chital fording a nullah
Chital calf: alarmed and in flight
Toothpaste? Ha ha...
White bellied Drongo
Spotted owlets
Purple sunbird on an orchid tree
A family portrait
I prefer Evian
Rufous tree pie
Three babblers
Chital doe and calf
Holi baba
Jedi do not fear
Redvented Bulbul
Magpie Robin
Magpie Robin
Pied Myna
Catching up on the world
Brown-headed gulls
Black tailed Godwit
Black tailed Godwit
Pigeon eggs
Wilting petunia
Median Egret
Clear off!
Intermediate Egret
An aging butterfly
A new moon and Venus
Uncommon crow
Indian pond heron
Black-tailed Godwits and Common Sandpipers
Little Egret
Should I, shouldn't I?
First class waiting room
Message from a lost civilization
Hello darkness, my old friend
Big-legged woman
Gibbous this day...
A map of the moon
Seas of the full moon (II)
Seas of the full moon (I)
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