September — December, 2007

All photos © Sourendu Gupta
Wasp and flower
Light under a bushel
A blue bandit
A study in scarlet
A jewel in hiding
Common sailer
Garden abstract
Tailed Jay
Hey mister mosambi man
Beauty and a beast
A holiday snapshot
Feeding frenzy
A flying tiger
Old and new
Evening out for the brown
Tiny grass blue
Green eyed monster
Da Vinca Code
Salt and pepper over salad
Gilding the lily
The breeding edge
Downward spiral
Soaking up the sun
Stacking planes
The ash blonde redhead
Up, down and strange
Ants, grass, aphids
Beetle on a lemon tree
Bombay blue
Gram blue
Common grass yellow
The world is round
Garden variety
Kajol of Bollywood
Danaid eggfly
Home visit
Struggling up Diagon Alley
Blue and green
Water world
A web wide world
Air traffic control
The common crow
Yellow and mauve
Lantana with a hanger-on
Crouching tiger
All cats aren't gray in the dark
Night Wings
Just another morning glory
The hills are alive
Purple patch
Snail and leaf
Barometer point
Common blue
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