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It was in Wilson College, Mumbai, where I did my B.Sc. with Physics, Mathematics and Statistics that I first developed an interest in Theoretical Physics. It was the college library that helped me discover physics -- strangely, it was through reading 20th century analytical philosophy that I discovered that there was a lot happening in physics which was somehow not coming through to me in my B.Sc. classes. In the last year and a half of my B.Sc. course, I spent my time reading mechanics, electromagnetism and relativity and even the little I had managed to learn was enough to convince me that I wanted to become a theoretical physicist.

However, at the end of my B.Sc. circumstances forced me to take up a job in the printing industry and it was only two years later that I could return to physics. I joined the Department of Physics, University of Mumbai for a M.Sc. and had the good fortune of being taught by such wonderful teachers as Abbas Rangwala and Sudhir Paranjape. I stayed on in the department (1986-90) to do a Ph.D. with Rohini Godbole. These were formative years and it was very exciting to get exposed to the world of physics, in general, and high-energy physics, in particular. For my Ph.D., I worked on perturbative QCD and structure functions.

After completing my Ph.D., I went for my first post-doctoral assignment to Birkbeck College, University of London where I worked with Elliot Leader on the problem of proton spin and polarisation phenomena in QCD. I returned to India briefly for a stint at the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad where I started working on grand unification.

In September 1992, I went to the Theory Division, CERN, Geneva as a Fellow and stayed there till the end of 1994. It was a productive and exciting phase for me and sowed the seeds for an association with CERN which still continues. I continued my work on perturbative QCD, structure functions and grand unification with my older collaborators but found new ones in CERN. I worked on aspects of Heavy Ion Collisions with Helmut Satz, on electroweak precision analyses and supersymmetry with John Ellis and on Higgs physics with Saurabh Rindani and Anjan Joshipura from PRL. I continued my collaboration with Elliot Leader on polarised phenomena but started work on the study of quarkonia within the framework of Non-Relativistic QCD.

I joined the Department of Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai in 1995 where I have been since. In TIFR, I have continued work on areas mentioned above but have also arborized out into new areas. In particular, in 1998, I started working on the physics of Extra Dimensions in the context of brane-world scenarios and have been pursuing this area very actively ever since. I have initiated new collaborations and had two Indo-French research collaborations -- the first with LAPP, Annecy and the second with members of Ecole Polytechnique, Saclay and CERN. In 2001, on a sabbatical from TIFR, I went to CERN as a Scientific Associate for a year. In 2009, again on a sabbatical, I visited LAPP, Annecy for a period of six months. Other than these, I have made collaborative visits of 1-3 month durations to CERN several times and to other centres like LAPP, Annecy and Orsay in France and to IPPP, Durham and DAMTP, Cambridge in the U.K.