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Some time in late 2003, Savia Viegas, who was then teaching in K.C. College, Mumbai got in touch with me. She was starting a new course in the college -- an undergraduate course on Heritage Management and she was looking for someone to teach a paper on Indian Philosophy for this course. I immediately agreed to do this and taught this course over marathon 4-hour sessions over weekends for a six-month period ending up with a 90-100 hour course.

Teaching this course was an one-of-its-kind experience. My job was to give the class a background of the Vedas and the Upanisads, the six orthodox systems of classical Indian philosophy and the Buddhist, Jain and Carvaka schools. I had a class of about 15 students who were about 17 years of age and had absolutely no exposure to philosophy. It was a real challenge to teach them this course and I decided that it would be better to first get them excited about the questions of philosophy in a language and context that they would be able to connect to and then slowly move to the classical exposition. This strategy worked well and I think that I could get them to engage with some of these questions quite seriously so that the classroom witnessed several lively arguments and debates. It is a course I would love to teach again.