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Preprints - 2011

Preprint Number
Title of Paper
Name/s of Authors
TIFR/TH/11-01 Chiral extrapolation beyond the power-counting regime J.M.M. Hall, D.B. Leinweber, K.-F. Liu, N. Mathur, R.D. Young and Jianbo Zhang
TIFR/TH/11-02 Top quark forward-backward asymmetry at Tevatron and its implications at LHC Biplob Bhattacharjee, Sudhansu S. Biswal and Diptimoy Ghosh
TIFR/TH/11-03 Quasi-static probes of the QCD plasma D. Banerjee, R. Gavai and S. Gupta
TIFR/TH/11-04 Cooperation amongst competing agents in minority games Deepak Dhar, V. Sasidevan and Bikas K. Chakrabarti
TIFR/TH/11-05 Bethe approximation for a system of hard rigid rods: the random locally tree-like layered lattice Deepak Dhar, R. Rajesh and Jurgen F. Stilck
TIFR/TH/11-06 A quasi-particle description of (2+1)-flavor lattice QCD equation of state Vinod Chandra and V. Ravishankar
TIFR/TH/11-07 Supernova neutrinos: collective and matter effects at large detectors Amol Dighe
TIFR/TH/11-08 Supernova observation for neutrino mixing parameters Amol Dighe
TIFR/TH/11-09 New physics in b -> s mu+ mu- : CP-violating observables A. Alok, A. Datta, A. Dighe, M. Duraisamy, D. Ghosh, and D. London
TIFR/TH/11-10 Phases of a two dimensional large-N gauge theory on a torus Gautam Mandal and Takeshi Morita
TIFR/TH/11-11 Holographic Wilsonian flows and emergent fermions in extremal charged black holes Daniel Elander, Hiroshi Isono, and Gautam Mandal
TIFR/TH/11-12 Hints from Lattice for QCD Critical Point Search Rajiv V. Gavai
TIFR/TH/11-13 Exploring New Physics in the C7-C7' plane Sebastien Descotes-Genon, Diptimoy Ghosh, Joaquim Matias and Marc Ramon
TIFR/TH/11-14 Strong Coupling BCS Superconductivity and Holography S. Kalyana Rama, Swarnendu Sarkar, B. Sathiapalan, Nilanjan Sircar
TIFR/TH/11-15 Dissipative superfluid dynamics from gravity Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya, Sayantani Bhattacharyya, Shiraz Minwalla
TIFR/TH/11-16 The interplay between the diphoton events from Higgs decay and squark gluino production at the Large Hadron Collider experiments at 7 TeV and 14 TeV Biplob Bhattacherjee and Amitava Datta
TIFR/TH/11-17 Tevatron Signal for an Unmixed Radion Biplob Bhattacherjee and Sreerup Raychaudhuri
TIFR/TH/11-18 Determining initial-state fluctuations from flow measurements in heavy-ion collisions Rajeev S. Bhalerao, Matthew Luzum, and Jean-Yves Ollitrault
TIFR/TH/11-19 Towards multi-scale dynamics on the baryonic branch of Klebanov-Strassler Daniel Elander, Jerome Gaillard, Carlos Nunez, Maurizio Piai
TIFR/TH/11-20 Holographic Fermi and Non-Fermi liquids With Transitions in Dilaton Gravity S. Trivedi, N. Iizuka, N. Kundu, P. Narayan
TIFR/TH/11-21 Reconciling anomalous measurements in $B_s-\overline{B}_s$ mixing: the role of CPT-conserving and CPT-violating new physics Amol Dighe, Diptimoy Ghosh, Anirban Kundu and Sunando Kumar Patra
TIFR/TH/11-22 Vacuum statistics and parameter tuning for F-term supersymmetry breaking Zheng Sun
TIFR/TH/11-23 A theory of first order dissipative superfluid dynamics Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya, Sayantani Bhattacharyya, Shiraz Minwalla and Amos Yarom
TIFR/TH/11-24 Gregory-Laflamme as the confinement/deconfinement transition in holographic QCD Gautam Mandal and Takeshi Morita
TIFR/TH/11-25 The Near-Flat-Space and BMN Limits for Strings in AdS4 ◊ CP3 at One Loop Michael C. Abbott and Per Sundin
TIFR/TH/11-26 A Note on CFT Correlators in Three Dimensions Simone Giombi, Shiroman Prakash, and Xi Yin
TIFR/TH/11-27 Driven k-mers: Correlations in space and time Shamik Gupta, Mustansir Barma, Urna Basu, and P. K. Mohanty
TIFR/TH/11-28 A multi-species model with interconversion, chipping and injection Himani Sachdeva, Mustansir Barma and Madan Rao
TIFR/TH/11-29 On the bulk viscosity of anisotropically expanding hot QCD plasma Vinod Chandra
TIFR/TH/11-30 Linearized flavor-stability analysis of dense neutrino streams Arka Banerjee, Amol Dighe and Georg Raffelt
TIFR/TH/11-31 Stability Constraints on Classical de Sitter Vacua Gary Shiu and Yoske Sumitomo
TIFR/TH/11-32 Fay's Matrix Identity for Vector Bundles on a Curve A.K. Raina
TIFR/TH/11-33 Neutrino-neutrino interactions in a supernova and their effect on neutrino flavor conversions Amol Dighe
TIFR/TH/11-34 New Flow Observables Rajeev S. Bhalerao, Matthew Luzum and Jean-Yves Ollitrault
TIFR/TH/11-35 Understanding Anisotropy Generated by Fluctuations in Heavy-Ion Collisions Rajeev S. Bhalerao, Matthew Luzum and Jean-Yves Ollitrault
TIFR/TH/11-36 Introduction of chemical potential in the overlap formalism R. Narayanan and Sayantan Sharma
TIFR/TH/11-37 Rank one connections on abelian varieties Indranil Biswas, Jacques Hurtubise, A. K. Raina
TIFR/TH/11-38 Shear sum rules at finite chemical potential Justin R. David, Sachin Jain and Somyadip Thakur
TIFR/TH/11-39 Intracluster gas pressure, entropy injection and redshift evolution Biman B. Nath and Subhabrata Majumdar
TIFR/TH/11-40 Constraining Thawing Quintessence Gaveshna Gupta, Subhabrata Majumdar and Anjan A. Sen
TIFR/TH/11-41 Heavy Quark Momentum Diffusion Coefficient from Lattice QCD Debasish Banerjee, Saumen Datta, Rajiv Gavai and Pushan Majumdar
TIFR/TH/11-42 Low energy supersymmetry from R-symmetries Zheng Sun
TIFR/TH/11-43 Index for three dimensional superconformal field theories and its applications Shuichi Yokoyama
TIFR/TH/11-44 String theory: a perspective over the last twenty five years Sunil Mukhi
TIFR/TH/11-45 Unravelling the novel Higgs mechanism in (2+1)d Chern-Simons theories Sunil Mukhi
TIFR/TH/11-46 Real and Virtual Bound States in LŁscher Corrections for CP3 Magnons Michael C. Abbott, InÍs Aniceto, and Diego Bombardelli
TIFR/TH/11-47 A faster method of computation of lattice quark number susceptibilities R.V. Gavai and S. Sharma
TIFR/TH/11-48 Exact chiral invariance at finite density on the lattice R.V. Gavai and S. Sharma
TIFR/TH/11-49 What is the gravity dual of the confinement/deconfinement transition in holographic QCD? Gautam Mandal, Takeshi Morita
TIFR/TH/11-50 Transport properties of anisotropically expanding quark-gluon plasma within a quasi-particle model Vinod Chandra
TIFR/TH/11-51 Tetraquark states from lattice QCD Nilmani Mathur
TIFR/TH/11-52 Scale for the Phase Diagram of Quantum Chromodynamics Sourendu Gupta, Xiaofeng Luo, Bedangadas Mohanty, Hans Georg Ritter, Nu Xu
TIFR/TH/11-53 Chern-Simons Theory with Vector Fermion Matter Simone Giombi, Shiraz Minwalla, Shiroman Prakash, Sandip P. Trivedi, Spenta R. Wadia, Xi Yin.
TIFR/TH/11-54 Phase transitions in the distribution of the Andreev conductance of superconductor-metal junctions with multiple transverse modes K. Damle, S. N. Majumdar, V. Tripathi and P. Vivo
TIFR/TH/11-55 Charge inhomogeneities and transport in semiconductor heterostructures with a manganese delta-layer V. Tripathi, Kusum Dhochak, B. A. Aronzon, V. V. Rylkov, A. B. Davydov, Bertrand Raquet, Michel Goiran and K. I. Kugel
TIFR/TH/11-56 Phase fluctuations in a strongly disordered s-wave superconductor close to the metal-insulator transition M. Mondal, A. Kamlapure, M. Chand, G. Saraswat, S. Kumar, J. Jesudasan, L. Benfatto, V. Tripathi and P. Raychaudhuri
TIFR/TH/11-57 Resonating valence bond wavefunctions and classical interacting dimer models Kedar Damle, Deepak Dhar, Kabir Ramola
TIFR/TH/11-58 Vacancy-induced spin texture in a one dimensional $S=1/2$ Heisenberg antiferromagnet Sambuddha Sanyal, Argha Banerjee, Kedar Damle