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Department of Theoretical Physics, TIFR

Preprints - 2014

Preprint Number
Title of Paper
Name/s of Authors
TIFR/TH/14-01 A Concise Force Calculation for Hybrid Monte Carlo with Improved Actions Nikhil Karthik
TIFR/TH/14-02 Charmonium, $D_s$ and $D_s^*$ from overlap fermion on DWF configurations Y.B. Yang, Y. Chen, N. Mathur, et. al.
TIFR/TH/14-03 Thermal information from heavy quarkonia Sourendu Gupta and Rishi Sharma
TIFR/TH/14-04 Exit probability in inflow dynamics: nonuniversality induced by range, asymmetry and fluctuation Parna Roy, Soham Biswas, and Parongama Sen
TIFR/TH/14-05 Universal features of exit probability in opinion dynamics models with domain size dependent dynamics Parna Roy, Soham Biswas, and Parongama Sen
TIFR/TH/14-06 Noise reduction algorithm for Glueball correlators Pushan Majumdar, Nilmani Mathur and Sourav Mondal
TIFR/TH/14-07 Enhancing sensitivity to neutrino parameters at INO combining muon and hadron information Moon Moon Devi, Tarak Thakore, Sanjib Agarwalla, Amol Dighe
TIFR/TH/14-08 Quarkonia at finite temperature in relativistic heavy ion collisions Saumen Datta
TIFR/TH/14-09 Stable Bianchi III attractor in U(1)_R gauged supergravity Karthik Inbasekar and Rickmoy Samanta
TIFR/TH/14-10 The equation of state of QCD at finite chemical potential Sourendu Gupta, Nikhil Karthik and Pushan Majumdar
TIFR/TH/14-11 Relativistic heavy-Ion collisions Rajeev S. Bhalerao
TIFR/TH/14-12 Unitarity and crossing symmetry of the S-Matrix in the large N Chern-Simons theory with fundamental matter Sachin Jain, Mangesh Mandlik, Shiraz Minwalla, Tomohisa Takimi, Spenta Wadia and Shuichi Yokoyama
TIFR/TH/14-13 QCD Critical Point: The Race is On Rajiv V. Gavai
TIFR/TH/14-14 The inside out of AdS(3)/CFT(2) Gautam Mandal, Nilakash Sorokhoibam and Ritam Sinha
TIFR/TH/14-15 Anomalous Triple Gauge Vertices at the Large Hadron-Electron Collider Sudhansu S. Biswal, Monalisa Patra and Sreerup Raychaudhuri
TIFR/TH/14-16 A Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Fluid From Dilaton Driven Holography Sachin Jain, Nilay Kundu, Kallol Sen, Aninda Sinha and Sandip P. Trivedi
TIFR/TH/14-17 Divergences in the quark number susceptibility : The origin and a cure Rajiv V. Gavai and Sayantan Sharma
TIFR/TH/14-18 Exploring the smeared landscape Sourendu Gupta and Nikhil Karthik
TIFR/TH/14-19 More on BPS States in N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory on RxS^3 Shuichi Yokoyama
TIFR/TH/14-20 Poles in the $S$-Matrix of Relativistic Chern Simons Matter theories from Quantum Mechanics Yogesh Dandekar, Mangesh Mandlik and Shiraz Minwalla
TIFR/TH/14-21 Quark Number Susceptibility : Revisited with Fluctuation-Dissipation Theorem in mean field theories Sanjay K. Ghosh, Anirban Lahiri, Sarbani Majumder, Munshi G. Mustafa, Sibaji Raha and Rajarshi Ray
TIFR/TH/14-22 Neutrino-pair bremsstrahlung processes from nn versus n-alpha scattering Rishi Sharma
TIFR/TH/14-23 On Statistical Aspects of Qjets Stephen D. Ellis, Andrew Hornig, David Krohn and Tuhin S. Roy
TIFR/TH/14-24 Constraints from Conformal Symmetry on the Three Point Scalar Correlator in Inflation Nilay Kundu, Ashish Shukla and Sandip P. Trivedi
TIFR/TH/14-25 On curing the divergences in the quark number susceptibility Rajiv V. Gavai and Sayantan Sharma
TIFR/TH/14-26 Spectroscopy of charmed baryons from lattice QCD M. Padmanath, Robert G. Edwards, Nilmani Mathur, Michael Peardon
TIFR/TH/14-27 Characterizing flow fluctuations with moments Rajeev S. Bhalerao, Jean-Yves Ollitrault, Subrata Pal
TIFR/TH/14-28 Principal component analysis of event-by-event fluctuations Rajeev S. Bhalerao, Jean-Yves Ollitrault, Subrata Pal, Derek Teaney
TIFR/TH/14-29 Light Glueball masses using the Multilevel Algorithm Sourav Mondal, Pushan Majumdar, Nilmani Mathur
TIFR/TH/14-30 Hadron spectra and $\Delta_{mix}$ from overlap quarks on a HISQ sea S. Basak, S. Datta, A. Lytle, P. Majumdar, N. Mathur, and M. Padmanath
TIFR/TH/14-31 CMB distortion from circumgalactic gas Priyanka Singh, Biman Nath, Subhabrata Majumdar and Joseph Silk
TIFR/TH/14-32 Gravitational rescue of minimal gauge mediation Abhishek M Iyer, V Suryanarayana Mummidi, Sudhir K Vempati
TIFR/TH/14-33 Columnar order and Ashkin-Teller criticality in mixtures of hard-squares and dimers Kabir Ramola, Kedar Damle, Deepak Dhar
TIFR/TH/14-34 Resonating valence-bond physics on the honeycomb lattice Pranay Patil, Ishita Dasgupta, Kedar Damle
TIFR/TH/14-35 Zero temperature dynamics of the Hubbard model in infinite dimensions: A local moment approach Himadri Barman
TIFR/TH/14-36 Proportionate growth in the patterns formed in the rotor-router model R. Dandekar and Deepak Dhar
TIFR/TH/14-37 Role of trap-induced scales in non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly interacting trapped bosons Anirban Dutta, Rajdeep Sensarma, K. Sengupta
TIFR/TH/14-38 Simulation studies of hadron energy resolution as a function of iron plate thickness at INO-ICAL Lakshmi S. Mohan, Anushree Ghosh, Moon Moon Devi, Daljeet Kaur, Sandhya Choubey, Amol Dighe, D. Indumathi, M.V.N. Murthy, Md. Naimuddin