List of Preprints - 2019
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Preprints - 2019

Preprint Number
Title of Paper
Name/s of Authors
TIFR/TH/19-1Impact of different extended components of mean field models on transport coefficients of quark matterAminul Islam Chowdhury, Dey Jayanta, Ghosh Sabyasachi
TIFR/TH/19-2Constraints on non-resonant photon-axion conversion from the planck satellite dataMukherjee Suvodip, Rishi Khatri, Wandelt Benjamin
TIFR/TH/19-3Tensors for tending to tensions in $ \tau $ decaysDighe Amol, Ghosh Subhajit, Kumar Girish, Roy Tuhin s.
TIFR/TH/19-4A robust anomaly finder based on autoencoderRoy Tuhin s., Vijay aravind h.
TIFR/TH/19-5New cmb spectral distortion constraints on decaying dark matter with full evolution of electromagnetic cascades before recombinationAcharya Sandeep kumar, Khatri Rishi
TIFR/TH/19-6Continuing search for new phhysics in $b \to s \mu \mu$ decays: two operators at a timeAlok Ashutosh kumar, Dighe Amol, Gangal Shireen, Kumar Dinesh
TIFR/TH/19-7Complementary bound on w′ mass from higgs to diphoton decayTriparno Bandyopadhyay, Das Dipankar, Pasechnik Roman, Rathsman Johan
TIFR/TH/19-8Supersymmetry with an inhomogeneous s-termRoy Tuhin s., Chakraborty Sabyasachi
TIFR/TH/19-9Matter chern simons theories in a background magnetic fieldHaldar Indranil, Minwalla Shiraz
TIFR/TH/19-10Phase diagram of n =2 chern simons theory with a single fundamental chiral multiplet at large nDey Anshuman, Halder Indranil, Jain Sachin, Minwalla Shiraz, Prabhakar Naveen
TIFR/TH/19-11$b \rightarrow k_2^{\ast} \ell^+\ell^-$ distributions in standard model at large recoilDas Diganta, Kindra Bharti, Kumar Girish, Mahajan Namit
TIFR/TH/19-12Large lyα opacity fluctuations and low cmb τ in models of late reionization with large islands of neutral hydrogen extending to z < 5.5Kulkarni Girish, Keating Laura, Haehnelt Martin, Bosman Sarah, Puchwein Ewald, Chardin Jonathan, Aubert Dominique
TIFR/TH/19-13Predictions and sensitivity forecasts for reionization-era [c ii] line intensity mappingDumitru Sebastian, Kulkarni Girish, Lagache Guilaine, Haehnelt Martin
TIFR/TH/19-14Modelling the observed luminosity function and clustering evolution of ly α emitters: growing evidence for late reionizationWeinberger Lewis, Haehnelt Martin, Kulkarni Girish
TIFR/TH/19-15Concerns about modelling of the edges dataHill Richard, Kulkarni Girish, Meerburg Daniel, Puchwein Ewald
TIFR/TH/19-16Real time warm pions from the lattice using an effective theoryGupta Sourendu, Sharma Rishi
TIFR/TH/19-17Jackiw-teitelboim gravity and rotating black holesMoitra Upamanyu, Sake Sunil kumar, Trivedi Sandip p., Vishal V.
TIFR/TH/19-18Long troughs in the lyman-alpha forest below redshift 6 due to islands of neutral hydrogenKeating Laura, Weinberger Lewis, Kulkarni Girish, Haehnelt Martin, Chardin Jonathan, Aubert Dominique
TIFR/TH/19-19Memories of initial states and density imbalance in dynamics of interacting disordered systemsChakraborty Ahana, Gorantla Pranay, Sensarma Rajdeep
TIFR/TH/19-20Dark matter capture in celestial objects: improved treatment of multiple scattering and updated constraints from white dwarfsDasgupta Basudeb, Gupta Aritra, Ray Anupam
TIFR/TH/19-21Prospects for observing the cosmic web in lyman-α emissionWitstok Joris, Puchwein Ewald, Kulkarni Girish, Smit Renske, Haehnelt Martin
TIFR/TH/19-22Evolution of the agn uv luminosity function from redshift 7.5Kulkarni Girish, Worseck Gabor, Hennawi Joseph
TIFR/TH/19-23Unique contributions to the scalar bispectrum in `just enough inflation'Ragavendra H. v., Chowdhury Debika, Sriramkumar L.
TIFR/TH/19-24Inflation after planck: judgment dayChowdhury Debika, Martin Jerome, Ringeval Christophe, Vennin Vincent
TIFR/TH/19-25Milky way positron excess from selectively enhanced dark matter annihilationDas Anirban, Dasgupta Basudeb, Roy Anupam
TIFR/TH/19-26On maximal chaos exponent for theories with a global symmetryHalder Indranil
TIFR/TH/19-27Jackiw-teitelboim model coupled to conformal matter in the semi-classical limitMoitra Upamanyu, Sake Sunil kumar, Trivedi Sandip p., V Vishal
TIFR/TH/19-28The probability distribution of 3-d shapes of galaxy clusters from 2-d x-ray images Shankar Swapnil, Khatri Rishi
TIFR/TH/19-29Mass-deformed n = 3 supersymmetric chern-simons-matter theoryInbasekar Karthik, Janagal Lavneet, Shukla Ashish
TIFR/TH/19-30 a new probe of axion-like particles: cmb polarization distortions due to cluster magnetic fieldsMukherjee Suvodip, Spergel David, Khatri Rishi, Wandelt Benjamin
TIFR/TH/19-31Dark neutrino interactions phase out the hubble tensionGhosh Subhajit, Khatri Rishi, Roy Tuhin s.
TIFR/TH/19-32Nonperturbative potential for study of quarkonia in qgpBala Dibyendu, Datta Saumen
TIFR/TH/19-33Jets with electrons and boosted top quarksChatterjee Suman, Godbole Rohini, Roy Tuhin s.
TIFR/TH/19-34Quantum quench and thermalization to gge in arbitrary dimensions and the odd-even effectBanerjee Parijat, Mandal Gautam, Kaushal Anurag, Gaikwad Adwait
TIFR/TH/19-35Cmb anisotropy and bbn constraints on pre-recombination decay of dark matter to visible particlesAcharya Sandeep kumar, Khatri Rishi
TIFR/TH/19-36On the regge limit of fishnet correlatorsDutta Chowdhury Subham, Sen Kallol, Haldar Parthiv
TIFR/TH/19-37Classifying and constraining local four photon and four graviton s-matricesDutta Chowdhury Subham, Gadde abhijit, Gopalka Tushar, Halder Indranil, Janagal Lavneet, Minwalla Shiraz
TIFR/TH/19-38Cosmology with recombination spectrumSarkar Debajyoti, Khatri Rishi
TIFR/TH/19-39The e6 route to multi-component dark matterBandyopadhyay Triparno, Maji Rinku
TIFR/TH/19-40Neutrino and positron constraints on spinning primordial black hole dark matterDasgupta Basudeb, Laha Ranjan, Ray Anupam
TIFR/TH/19-41Predictions for bs -> k* l l in non-universal z' modelsAlok Ashutosh kumar, Dighe Amol, Gangal Shireen, Kumar Dinesh
TIFR/TH/19-42Quarkonia evolution with correlated and uncorrelated noiseTiwari Anurag, Sharma Rishi
TIFR/TH/19-43Effective thermal potential between static q and qbar in su(3) gauge theoryBala Dibyendu, Datta Saumen
TIFR/TH/19-44Model independent parametrization of the late time cosmic acceleration: constraints on the parameters from recent observationsDinda Bikash ranjan
TIFR/TH/19-45Cmb spectral distortions constraints on primordial black holes, cosmic strings and long lived unstable particles revisitedAcharya Sandeep kumar, Khatri Rishi