The International Workshop ISM04 is the second in a series of biennial Indian Strings Meeting, the first of which was held at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, in December 2002. These meetings are jointly organized by the Indian string theory community. The objective of these meetings is to have a gathering of young researchers and experts in String Theory and related areas in an atmosphere which stimulates expression and elaboration of new ideas. The academic plan is to have a few broad review talks, in addition to seminars, followed by several focussed discussion sessions.

The emphasis of ISM04, the Workshop at Khajuraho, to be held during 15-23 December 2004, will be on (i) gauge theory/string theory duality, (ii) string compactifications with reduced supersymmetry, (iii) string field theory and time-dependent tachyon, (iv) D-branes in curved spaces and BCFT and (v) application of string theory to cosmology.


Participation in the Workshop is by invitation only. If you wish to get an invitation to participate, please fill up the form available here. The organizers will get back to you as early as possible.

Financial Aid

Limited funds may become available to the organizers to help defray local expenses of some participants. In addition, the organizers may have a small grant available to cover the international travel of some participants from the developing countries only. Participants who wish to be considered for financial aid should state their requirements in this form.

Getting There and Away

Instructions detailing how to get to Khajuraho and away can be found in Directions. Overseas participants will find additional useful information and links in Travel to India.


Partial funding for ISM04 has been provided by:

We also wish to thank Harvard University for a generous grant.

Workshop e-mail

Workshop contact address International Workshop on String Theory (ISM04)
Department of Theoretical Physics
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Homi Bhabha Road, Navy Nagar, Colaba
Mumbai, INDIA - 400 005.