Final Mailing: 1 December, 2003

Here is some information that you might require for the Workshop on Field Theory Near Equilibrium, to be held at TIFR during 15-19 December 2003.

  1. On arrival: Take a taxi from the airport or railway station (see for detailed instructions). The domestic airport does not have prepaid taxis, but there is a taxi queue right after exiting the terminal building. The workshop shall reimburse you for taxis at a standard rate. (Approximately Rs. 300-350 from domestic airport and Rs. 60-70 from CST train station)
  2. In TIFR: Proceed to the TIFR guest house for check in. On the evening of December 14, there will be a welcome dinner at the guest house from 7:30 to 9:30 PM. Registration is open during this time. After this and until midnight you have the option of eating at a small cafeteria near the guest house (located in the building called Jagdish).
  3. Stay: The workshop will pay your room rent which is inclusive of the breakfast available at the guest house. Lunch has been arranged at the workshop. The conference will host a dinner on Wednesday, December 17. Each participant will receive a lump sum to defray costs of the remaining dinners. Various possibilities are the canteen in TIFR, which is open for dinner, and the guest house, which serves dinner on prior request. South Mumbai also has many nice restaurents you may wish to sample.
  4. The program: As announced earlier, we have scheduled a small number of talks and kept ample time for discussion. See for details. Projection facilities are available for power point, pdf and transparencies.

For further practical details, first see the web page at If answers to your question are not available there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you here soon.

Best regards, Rajeev Bhalerao, Rajiv Gavai, Sourendu Gupta

Third Mailing: 13 October, 2003

We need to finalize the details of your stay in Mumbai for the Workshop on Near-Equilibrium Field Theory, (Dec 15-19). For this I need your dates and times of arrival and departure. Would it be possible for you to let me know this by next Monday (Oct 20)?

--- Sourendu Gupta

Second Circular: 14 August, 2003

Thank you for your responses to our earlier mail about the workshop on near-equilibrium field theory (NEFT). The workshop is now scheduled for Dec 15-19, 2003 in TIFR (Mumbai). More information is available on the web page at

In case you have not confirmed your participation, we urge you to do so now. Please feel free to bring this mail or the web page address to the notice of students or young researchers who may be interested. Limited travel support (within India) is available for them. Local hospitality will be covered by the workshop for all participants.

--- Rajeev Bhalerao, Rajiv Gavai and Sourendu Gupta

First Circular: 17 December, 2002

Near-equilibrium phenomena, such as transport coefficients, have become hot topics of research in our field. The ground work has been laid; intensive discussion to clarify many issues may be timely.

We plan to hold an international workshop on "Field theories near equilibrium" in TIFR Mumbai (India) during the period 15-19 December, 2003 (tentatively). The purpose of this meeting is to bring together experts in finite temperature field theory on and off the lattice, with an emphasis on time for discussion. We would like to invite you to participate in this meeting.

We look forward to a positive reply from you as soon as possible.

--- Rajeev Bhalerao, Rajiv Gavai and Sourendu Gupta

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