The Polarised Parton People: P3

The collaboration

The aim of this collaboration is to evaluate the uncertainties in polarised parton densities allowed by the world data on hard scattering of polarised particles. The collaboration currently consists of Dilip Ghosh, Sourendu Gupta and D. Indumathi.

Evolution equations

Leading order and next-to-leading order distributions, documentation etc.

Publications and reports

To get the first paper (based on LO Version 0.163/4 and NLO Version 1.03) from the collaboration, use either the HEP archives in the US or the Indian mirror.

Related sites

The Durham database contains data on many reactions, and includes a section on parton density functions. The CTEQ collaboration's home page contains links to other useful data.

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Created on Jan 20, 2000. Last modified May 6, 2000.