The Institute Of Science

The foundation stone for the Institute of Science, designed by George Wittet, was laid in 1911. Completed in 1920, the building stands next to the Gothic structures of the Rajabai tower and the Elphinstone College.

Built in yellow Kharodi basalt from the district of Thane, the elegant, curving facades of the two wings, joined by the flat central dome of the Cowasji Jehangir Hall, manage to harmonise with the 19th century buildings surrounding it. Protected from the street by the many-arched facades are a botanical garden, herbarium and a park.

The Institute was founded by Baron Sydenham and the the buildings were constructed out of four private donations. Sir Cowasji Jehangir donated money for the Institute's east wing. The construction of the west flank of the main building was paid for by Jacob Sassoon, and the east flank by Currimbhoy Ebrahim. Vasanji Mulji donated funds for the library.

Now affiliated to the Bombay University, the Institute's research centres around environmental studies.

Source:Bombay- The Cities Within, by S. Dwivedi and R. Mehrotra.