Travel to India


Citizens of all countries require a visa to enter India. This is a reciprocal arrangement, and Indian citizens too need a visa to visit every other country. The visa fees are also determined reciprocally between India and each country, hence they will depend on your country of citizenship (defined by your passport) rather than your country of residence.

We are required to submit a list of Workshop participants along with their passport details, to the Government of India. This is intended to facilitate the granting of your visa. We will periodically contact our international confirmed participants to supply this information.

To obtain your visa, please contact the Indian Embassy/Consulate nearest you. There is typically an Indian Embassy in every capital city, and in some countries there may be additional Consulates in other cities. To check up whether the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate has a website, you can consult, for example:

or use other search methods of your choice.

Some Indian Embassies/Consulates grant a "Conference Visa" on production of a letter of invitation from the Workshop. Such letters will be mailed out by us on demand to international participants. If you are planning to travel within India before or after the Workshop, you should ensure that the dates of your visa cover this additional period. If you plan to leave and re-enter India (for example, to visit a neighboring country), then please make sure you have a multiple-entry visa for India.

According to our information, processing of the Indian Visa is normally quick and is completed in less than a week (on the same day in many cases). However, for citizens of a few countries, visa applications fall under a special category and may take upto three months to be processed. Delays may also apply for those residing in a country different from their country of citizenship. Please check right away, at the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate, for information on whether this is applicable to you.

In case you experience any difficulty, please email us and we will try our best to help you.


Air Travel

International participants should make sure to have a confirmed round-trip travel booking to India at least 4 months in advance. This is because December is the peak tourist season in India and most airlines are fully booked well in advance. The International airport nearest to Khajuraho is Delhi.

Here are some links to India-related sites on the web that can help you find a suitable travel agent. We provide these links in good faith for the information of international participants of the Workshop, but we cannot accept responsibility for any problems you may encounter. We do not endorse any particular travel agent for this Workshop.


Reaching Khajuraho

Please read the instructions given in Directions.


It is usually pleasant and sunny in Khajuraho in the second half of December, with highs in the range 20-25 degrees C, similar to the other Indian locations in the northern plains. It can become quite cold during evenings and nights. The lows are usually in the range 10-15 degrees C, but can occasionally dip down to 5 degrees C or less.

The following links provide useful weather information about many Indian cities.