Registration Instructions

Online registration for Strings 2001 is now closed.

However, if you would really like to register for the conference, please send us email at If we can accommodate your request, we will get back to you.

NOTE: For the many science enthusiasts in Mumbai, we are attempting to organise one or more Public Lectures by some of the distinguished physicists who are coming to Mumbai on this occasion. Information about these lectures will be made available on this website at a later date. Strings 2001 is an advanced scientific conference featuring highly technical seminars. We recommend that you do not attempt to register for, or attend, the conference unless you are a specialist trained in Theoretical Physics.

The following instructions are for those who have already registered.

Registration Fee:

The conference registration fee is U.S. $250. The registration fee covers lunches and teas during the conference, the Banquet, the cultural programme, conference stationery and the use of specified Institute facilities. Additional Banquet tickets for companions can be purchased by adding U.S. $40 per ticket to the registration fee.

For Resident Indians, the fee is to be paid in Indian Rupees: the basic fee is Rs 10,000, late registration is an additional Rs 2000, and additional Banquet tickets are Rs 1600 each. Please note that Indian Rupee payments can only be accepted from residents.


You can pay the Registration Fee by Electronic Bank Transfer or Demand Draft. Payment must be made directly to the account "Strings 2001", No. 000405002450, at ICICI Bank, Mumbai, following the instructions below. Your name, and your Registration Number (which we will email you some days after you register), should be conveyed to the bank along with your payment. Please do not send registration fees in any form to the conference office.

Electronic Bank Transfer to ICICI Bank, Mumbai:

Indian Residents can just pay the fee at any branch of ICICI Bank in India.

International participants, please click here for the instructions page, which you may wish to print. In case you select this link now, please remember to come back and complete this registration form.

Bank Draft:

Please make out a Bank Draft favouring "Strings 2001". For Indian Residents, the draft should be in Indian Rupees and drawn on a bank in Mumbai, while for all International participants (regardless of country) the draft must be in U.S. Dollars and drawn on a bank in New York. Note that personal cheques cannot be accepted. The draft should be mailed or couriered to ICICI bank:

Mr Udaya Kumar/Mr T.C. Paul (Strings 2001 a/c),
ICICI Bank Ltd,
Free Press House,
215, Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021, India.

The bank will acknowledge receipt of your payment directly. Should you wish to get in touch with Mr Udaya Kumar, who is handling our account, his office phone number is +91-22-2841052 (direct) and +91-22-2853594 (switchboard, ask for Ext. 7036 or Ext. 7030). Please keep in mind that Indian time is permanently at GMT +5:30. You can also email him at: