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Bibliography: The phase diagram of QCD


Critical Behavior at Finite Temperature Confinement Transitions
Benjamin Svetitsky and Laurence G. Yaffe
Discusses the order parameter and its symmetries for the thermal (deconfining) phase transition in a pure gauge theory; argues that the long-distance effective theory is a short ranged scalar theory for the order parameter field; sets up universality arguments for the phase transition.
Remarks on the Chiral Phase Transition in Chromodynamics
Robert D. Pisarski and Frank Wilczek
Considers the (chiral) thermal phase transition in a theory with massless quarks through a linear σ model. Uses the ε expansion to argue about the order of the phase transition with and without the anomaly.
Signatures of the tricritical point in QCD
Misha A. Stephanov, K. Rajagopal, Edward V. Shuryak
Phys.Rev.Lett.81:4816-4819,1998 [hep-ph/9806219]
Considers the phase diagram of QCD (with quarks) at finite temperature and baryon chemical potential. Discusses a tri-critical point in the chiral limit which turns into a critical end point of a coexistence line when the quark mass is finite.
The Status of lattice QCD at finite temperature
Edwin Laermann and Owe Philipsen
Ann.Rev.Nucl.Part.Sci.53:163-198,2003 [hep-ph/0303042]
A survey of the status of thermal QCD and its phase diagram as it was at the end of the last century, just before the new developments at finite chemical potential.
The Phase diagram of QCD at small chemical potentials
Sourendu Gupta
Consideration of the complete phase diagram of QCD. From thermodynamics alone, using basic information from the lattice, much can be said about the nature of the complete (2Nf+1)-dimensional phase diagram.

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