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Homi Bhabha Road
Mumbai 400005
12-14 February, 2008
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D. d'Enterria (CERN)
S. Gavin (Wayne)
F. Gelis (CERN)
H. van Hees (Texas AM)
L. McLerran (BNL)
A. Mocsy (BNL)
H. Satz (Bielefeld)
P. Sorensen (BNL)
G. Torrieri (Frankfurt)
R. Venugopalan (BNL)
Nu Xu (LBL)


TIFR, Mumbai

Hot and Dense Matter
in the RHIC-LHC Era

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

12-14 February, 2008


Tuesday 12/02/2008 Wednesday 13/02/2008 Thursday 14/02/2008
Inauguration: 9:15—9:30    
Satz, Cassagnac, Lourenco: 9:30—11:00 da Silva, Mischke, Mocsy: 9:30—11:00 Sorensen, Dion, Hama: 9:30—11:00
Raniwala, Gavin, Grassi: 11:30—13:00 Chaudhuri, d'Enterria, Lacey: 11:30—13:00 Torrieri, Kopytine, Padula: 11:30—13:00
Armesto, Netrakanti, David: 14:30—16:00 Vitev, Xu, Warringa: 14:30—16:00 Poster Session: 14:30—16:00
Lombardo, Schroeder, Venugopalan: 16:30—18:00 van Hees, Dahms, Gelis: 16:30—18:00 Snellings, McLerran: 16:30—17:30
  Conference dinner: starts 19:00  

All talks are of 30 minutes duration including questions (25+5 minutes recommended).

Talks and Speakers

PersonAffiliationTalk title
N. Armesto Santiago de CompostellaRadiative energy loss: problems and new developments
A. K. Chaudhuri VECCViscous fluid dynamics in Au+Au collisions
T. Dahms StonybrookMeasurements of thermal photons and the dielectron continuum with PHENIX
C. L. da Silva IowaQuarkonia Production at RHIC
G. David BNLJet quenching and multiparticle correlations
A. DionBNLHeavy Quarks in PHENIX
D. d'Enterria CERNHydrodynamics predictions for thermal photon production in PbPb at 5.5 TeV
S. Gavin Wayne StateMeasuring Viscosity in Nuclear Collisions
F. Gelis CERNInitial particle production in heavy ion collisions
R. Granier de CassagnacEcole PolytechniqueCold nuclear matter effects J/ψ production
F. Grassi Sao PaoloNeXSPheRIO results on v1 and v2 at RHIC
Yogiro HamaSao PaoloImportance of the Granular Structure of the Initial Conditions for Elliptic Flow
H. van Hees Texas AMHeavy-Quark Diffusion in the sQGP
M. Kopytine BNLCorrelations and fluctuations
R. Lacey StonybrookWhat do elliptic flow measurements tell us about the high energy density QCD matter created at RHIC?
M.-P. Lombardo INFN FrascatiSome aspects of the spectrum of QGP above Tc
C. Lourenco CERNProbing deconfinement with quarkonia: new answers to old questions
L. McLerran BNLQCD at Finite T and Baryon Number at Large N
A. Mischke UtrechtQuarkonia and heavy flavor
A. Mocsy BNLQuarkonium as signal of deconfinement
P. Netrakanti BNLJet-medium interactions
S. Padula Sao PaoloSqueezed-Particle Correlations in Hot and Dense Matter
R. Raniwala JaipurHydro and freezeout geometry from the STAR data
H. Satz BielefeldThe In-Medium Behaviour of Finite Width Charmonia
Y. Schroeder BielefeldQuark-mass effects on the Equation of State
R. Snellings NIKHEFThe ALICE physics performance
P. Sorensen BNLFlow fluctuations and flow in ridge vs jet events
G. Torrieri FrankfurtTests of collective behaviour in heavy ion collisions
R. Venugopalan BNLQCD dipole models in DIS and hadronic collisions
I. Vitev LANLTomography of Jets: New Opportunities at the LHC
H. Warringa BNLImplications of CP-violating transitions in hot quark matter on heavy-ion collisions
Nu Xu LBLPartonic EOS at RHIC


Celso de Camargo BarrosBogolyubov InstitutePolarization effects at RHIC
Viktor BegunBogolyubov InstituteFluctuational Signals for pion Bose-Einstein condensation
Mikolaj ChojnackiKrakow2D transversally thermalized hydrodynamics
Sandeep ChatterjeeIIScTesting the resonance gas model with hydrodynamics
Prasad S. HegdeStonybrookChiral Actions in Hot Lattice QCD
Santosh K. KarnU.P. Technical UnivDiquark physics in QCD phase transition and its implications
Mauricio MartinezFrankfurtDilepton production from an anisotropic plasma
Tamal Kr MukherjeeBose InstituteModel study of QCD Thermodynamics
Bengt PeterssonBielefeldContinuum Thermodynamics of SU(3) Gauge Theory in 2+1 vs 3+1 Dimensions
Konstantin PetrovZeuthenHeavy Quark Thermodynamics with almost physical light quark masses
Christian SchmidtBNLHadronic fluctuations at zero and non-zero density bryon number density
Cheuk-Yin WongORNLExploring the Early Parton Momentum Distribution with the Ridge Structure of Near-Side Jet
Pengfei ZhuangTsinghuaChiral Symmetry Restoration and Color Superconductor beyond Mean Field