I am a Theoretical Physicist affiliated to the Department of Theoretical Physics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. I am also an associate member of the International Center for Theoretical Sciences , Bengaluru.

My work deals with non-equilibrium statistical Physics, large deviation theory, stochastic processes, self-organized criticality and pattern formation.


Upcoming articles

  • Tridib Sadhu and Bernard Derrida, Large deviations conditioned on an emperical measure.

  • Tridib Sadhu and Bernard Derrida, Joint distribution of integrated current and density in diffusive transport.

  • Tridib Sadhu and Kay Weise, Extreme value statistics of fractional Brownian motion.


Unpublished notes

  • Multi-time correlations using macroscopic fluctuation theory. pdf

  • Multitime correlations of current on an infinite line pdf

  • Large deviation of density for a general diffusive system pdf


Lecture notes

An introduction to Macroscopic Fluctuation Theory.


Published articles according to subject

Large deviation and Macroscopic theory of non-equilibrium

Long-range correlations

Stochastic process

  • Tridib Sadhu and Kay J Wiese Extension of the three arcsines law for fractional Brownian motion, Accepted in Phys. Rev. Lett. (2017)

Entanglement estimator

Pattern formation

self-organized criticality