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Please write to cmspjc at theory dot tifr dot res dot in for getting email announcements and any suggestions regarding CMSP Journal Club.

Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Journal Club

About CMSP Journal Club

The CMSP journal club talks are usually scheduled on working Wednesdays at 02:30pm. Speakers are requested to send in their title and abstract to the CMSP coordinator the preceding week by Sunday. If the announced date is inconvenient, the speaker can inform the coordinator and swap his/her turn with another speaker within the same cycle. If a speaker is not around for an entire cycle, he/she can drop out of that cycle. Apart from the regular members, we also invite guest speakers from time to time.

Speakers Cycle

About these pages

All the CMSPJC pages are automatically generated by scripts. The scripts just need plain text files containing the individual talk details, require minimal syntax, and are very flexible in formatting. The scripts are freely available for sharing under GNU GPL; please write to abhay [dot] parvate [at] gmail [dot] com .