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Talk Details

Title Pico-canonical ensembles: A theoretical description of metastable states
Speaker Tridib Sadhu
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010
Time 14:30
Venue A 304


Usually, glasses are considered as systems in metastable states relaxing to equilibrium very slowly. On the other hand, the properties of a piece of diamond, or glass do not change appreciably over a period of days, or years. An experimentalist can put them in a calorimeter, and measure the specific heat, or apply pressure to determine the bulk modulus. But for a theorist, these are non-equilibrium states of matter, and notions like free energy are not "well defined". I will report on a recent paper which shows how the conventional framework of equilibrium statistical mechanics can be extended to include a description of such systems, and look upon glasses not as evolving to equilibrium, but as in equilibrium.