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Su Doku is usually played on a 9 by 9 board, divided into 3 by 3 cells. You can generalize this into playing on an M×M square board broken into non-overlapping rectangular cells, each containing M squares (an obvious question is to how define a puzzle where M is a prime number). The solution of the puzzle is to place M symbols on the board such that each row, column or cell contains each symbol exactly once, without moving the initial clues. Puzzles with M<9 are called Sub Dokus, those for M>9 are called Super Dokus.

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Super Doku

The mathematics of Su Doku

A Super Doku is a Su Doku played on a larger grid. Some Super Dokus have special names: the 12×12 puzzle (with a 3×4 cell) is called the Dodeka Doku in the Times of London. The 15×15 puzzle, called Giant Su Doku, is occassionally published in the Times of India. At this time there are no mathematical results known for any Super Doku.

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