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Web Servers of Bombay Organisations

[Academic and Research] [Government, Public Organisations and Regulatory Bodies]
[Private Organisations and Individuals] [Colour codes] [Registering your server]

Also see the list of Web servers in India.

To connect to a server, select the hyperlink tagged by its name. The button after each name links to response-time statistics. The button's colour codes for the server's internet domain.

Academic and Research

Government, Public Organisations and Regulatory Bodies

Private Organisations and Individuals

Colour Coding for Domains

DomainReturn DomainReturn DomainReturn
nametime (s) nametime (s) nametime (s)
(ac) 1.8±0.9 (co) 1.4±0.9 (ernet) 1.6±1.9
(gov) 1.3±0.6 (net) 0.9±0.9 (nic) 1.8±0.5
(org) 1.1±0.9 (res) - (uunet) defunct?
    (other) not .in -    

The table cells are colour coded to indicate whether the performance since July 1998 has improved in comparison with the performance in the previous two years. Red indicates deteriotation, green improvement, otherwise there has been no change.

Each domain name links to more information, including network statistics for the full domain. IIT Mumbai has more information on the Internet in India. Domain name registration for the ".in" domain is handled by the National Centre for Software Technology.

Registering your server

Note that this is a list of servers, not home pages. In case your server is not on this list, please let me know. Mail me the following information

  1. The base URL of your server
  2. The Indian city where your organisation is based
  3. The name and e-mail address of the webmaster or a contact person.

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