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Created on Aug 12, 1995; last updated on Jan 28, 1999.

The Mumbai User's guide


Mumbai is the ultimate in laid-back leisure. We have information on the theatre and music scene, arts, films, restaurants, books and more. Do you have anything to add or request?

City services

We forgot to say- Mumbai is also the ultimate in hassle. You might need this information about various utility services in the city-- communications, electricity, health, the internet, sanitation, transport, water, etc. Contains links to other web resources (when they exist).

Education and research

You guessed it: Mumbai is also one of the major cities in India for education and research. Some contact details for research labs, universities, schools etc. Caution: not many educational institutions are on the net yet.

Finance and business

Did someone say "The business of Bombay is business"? No? Never mind, it is. Take a look at the Mumbai Business Page.


A numerical overview of the city: some numbers about the population, the climate, health and mortality etc.