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Entertainment, Sports and Leisure

Around the town

Calendars of events available for Prithvi Theatre.

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Art and art galleries

With a large number of art galleries, artists resident in the city and buyers, specially corporate, Mumbai has a lively arts scene.

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Center for Photography

A large number of talented photographers work in the city, perhaps attracted by the film and fashion industries as well as the requirements of the many advertising agencies based in Mumbai. However exhibitions of their works, or permanent collections of historically interesting photographs are rare.

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Cricket is probably the most popular game in the city. Because of its overwhelming presence in the national team, Mumbai is home to the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI). Mumbai was considered to be the heart of Indian cricket until January 1999, when the BCCI offices were attacked and past trophies won by India were vandalised.


The word "Bombay" is synonymous with movies in the minds of most Indians. Bollywood, the city's film industry, produces the world's largest number of movies every year.


Many works of Indo-Anglian writing have used Bombay as a metaphor and a symbol of India. The city is a major centre for Marathi, Gujarati and Indo-Anglian literature.

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Hindi film music is the most popular form in the country. Mumbai is home to this as well as other varieties of popular music. In addition there are many opportunities for listening to classical music.


The concrete jungle has sufficient green spaces and water to host a large variety of resident birds. Various marine habitats around the city are protected. The Bombay Natural History Society works for nature conservancy in and around the city.


If eating out is your thing, then Mumbai's the best city in India. South Mumbai, specially, is full of eateries which serve all kinds of cuisines.

Rock climbing and Trekking

Within two hours of the island city there are hills and rocks for those who like to climb or walk.

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Winter is sailing time in the harbour. There are clubs, regattas, and courses in sailing. Many classes of boats are used in the harbour, and there are races every weekend in season.


Mumbai's film industry has hived off a very active television industry.

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The city has an extremely active theatre scene in four different languages-- Marathi, Gujarati, English and Hindi.

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There are many interesting places to see within a few hours of the city.


Life is Mumbai is fun. Not everything that happens can be neatly classified. This section is a grab bag of things we found interesting but could not fit into any neat category.

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