Bombay houses India's biggest film industry, making films in Hindi. These films provide much of the grist to the TV channels' mills; there are a large number of independent producers who make TV shows based on these films, the stars, and the music. Numerous fan magazines cater to the demand for information on the private lives of the stars. One of these, Filmfare, organises the prestigious Filmfare Awards every year.

Bombay has a large number of film halls showing movies. Among other Indian language films, only those in Marathi have long runs in Bombay theatres. There is a small number of theatres in the city which exclusively run English language films.

The rest of the world's cinema is rarely seen in Bombay. There are a few film clubs which hold regular screenings of movies from all over the world. Some embassies occasionally have programs of films from the countries they represent. There are infrequent film festivals where recent movies from all over the world can be seen.

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