Ethnic Groups

The Jewish communities

Two jewish communities, the Baghdadi Jews and the Bene-Israel have been associated with the city in the past- and have given the city many of its important landmarks. The numbers now remaining in Mumbai are now small.

The Kolis

The fisherfolk who were the original inhabitants of these islands have given the city its name. They now live a marginalised existence at the fringes of Mumbai.

The Muslim communities

The city hosts many different Muslim communities. The Bohras and the Khojas have been among the best known of these.

The Parsis

Mumbai would not be the same without its Parsi inhabitants. Not only would the flavour of the city become more bland, much of its history would also be lost without them.

Other communities

Look closely at cosmopolitan Mumbai, and you'll find a mosaic of cultures and communities living their own seperate lives in the city. Among them are the Konkanis, the Pathare Prabhus and the Sindhis.

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